Eyebrow Services

Eyebrow Services

Make your eyebrows stand out

Our medical aestheticians want to give you the darker, fuller, more dramatic style you’ve been looking for through our eyebrow tinting services. This technique includes gently applying a dye onto your brow to the desired color. Our eight basic tint colors can be mixed and customized to achieve a variety of color results.


Reasons to consider eyebrow tinting

  • Cut back on makeup. Take time off of your morning make-up routine, as eyebrow tinting discards the need for eye brow stenciling.
  • More youthful appearance. Just like the hair on our heads, our eyebrows start to thin as we age. Tinting these features can create a younger-looking you.
  • Quick procedure. A typical eyebrow tinting procedure takes about 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Match hair color. Cover gray hairs in your brows or tint them to match your new hair color. Our tinting services can give you a natural, even look.

Looking for something more permanent?

Check out our permanent makeup/microblading service.


Eyebrow tinting common questions

Who can get eyebrow tinting?

Anyone! Whether you’re blonde, brunette, red-haired or any other hair color, eyebrow tinting can make a difference.


How long does the eyebrow tint last?

Typically, an eyebrow tinting lasts four to six weeks. However, continuing to tint your eyebrows can help them from fading over time.



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