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BayCare Clinic offers total joint replacement for knees, hips, and shoulders.  We offer some of the most advanced joint replacement technology in the region.  Most joint replacements are performed using minimally invasive procedures.  


Total Knee Replacement

Knee replacement surgery can help relieve pain and restore function in severely diseased knee joints. During knee replacement, a surgeon cuts away damaged bone and cartilage and replaces it with an artificial joint.


Today's artificial knees come in a variety of materials and designs, optimized for your age, gender, weight, and overall health.  Knee replacement joints replicate your knee's natural ability to roll and glide as it bends. Total knee replacement is the most common joint replacement surgery performed at BayCare Clinic.


See our knee surgery page for more information on knee replacement and other procedures.


Knee Resurfacing

Knee resurfacing is also known as a partial knee replacement.  In this minimally invasive procedure, your orthopedic surgeon resurfaces (replaces) just one part of the knee joint.  Bone, cartilage, and ligaments in the healthy part of the knee are preserved.  With knee resurfacing, patients experience less pain and recover faster.  Because knee resurfacing saves much of the original knee, patients experience improved mobility and better natural motion versus total knee replacement.


High Flex Knee Replacement

Many patients live with knee pain for years, fearing that a knee replacement will mean giving up the activities they love.  Now high flex knee replacements are available for younger, active patients who need a greater range of motion.  High flex knee replacements are designed to accommodate 155 degrees of flex, enough to garden and even kneel on the floor.


Custom Knee Implants

The field of knee surgery made a big leap when manufacturers began developing knee implants designed for people of different gender and size.  Today, we've made even bigger strides with the introduction of custom knee implants.  Your knee replacement implant can now be customized specifically for you.  This personalized approach improves implant fit, provides a more natural feel, and provides a less invasive surgical experience.


Total Hip Replacement

Hip replacement surgery can relieve pain and restore function in hips damaged by injury or arthritis. Hip surgery involves removing damaged cartilage and bone and replacing it with an artificial joint.


Artificial hip joints include both ball and socket components. We often recommend titanium ball joints with a polyethylene socket liner coated in Vitamin E. The implants used in a hip replacement are designed to resist corrosion, degradation and wear. We offer the latest in hip replacement technology, including microplasty hip stems and anterior hip replacements that help active individuals maintain full mobility.


The anterior hip replacement allows the surgeon to reach the hip joint from the front of the hip as opposed to the posterior (or back). This means that the gluteal muscles are left undisturbed, so healing time is shorter and patients experience less pain. With anterior hip replacements, patients can immediately bend their hip freely and put full weight on it, without any of the typical restrictions that come with a hip replacement. Continually leading the region, we have performed more anterior hip procedures than any other orthpaedic group in Northeast Wisconsin.


Patients report minimal pain and can usually go home the next day (sometimes even the same day!) with this minimally invasive procedure. Your orthopedic surgeon will determine whether you are a candidate for an anterior hip replacement based on your body structure, bone quality, age and x-ray findings.  


See our hip arthroscopy page for a minimally invasive procedure that provides some patients with an alternative to total hip replacement.



Total Ankle Replacement

Total ankle replacement surgery has rapidly evolved in the last decade into a highly effective means to alleviate ankle arthritis and pain – and our team has been on the forefront of bringing this procedure to Northeast Wisconsin.


Total ankle replacement allows for more ankle flexion, which gives patients the ability to maintain a more active lifestyle when compared to traditional ankle fusion surgeries.


In total ankle replacement, your surgeon will precisely map out the ankle’s anatomy using computer-guided technology. In surgery, damaged bone, cartilage, and other soft tissue will be removed and the affected ankle bones will be capped with custom metal components based on the computer scan. To simulate cartilage, a strong polymer insert will be placed between the capped bones to give cushion and provide stability.


All total ankle replacement surgeries with BayCare Clinic are completed by experienced experts in foot and ankle surgery.



Total Shoulder Replacement

Shoulder replacement surgery can help relieve pain associated with shoulder osteoarthritis.  During shoulder surgery, a surgeon replaces parts of the upper arm bone and shoulder blade with protheses.


We also offer reverse total shoulder replacement.  This is for patients with severe shoulder damage.  Reverse total shoulder surgery is considered when conventional surgical methods cannot satisfactorily manage shoulder pain and loss of function.


Reverse Shoulder Replacement

BayCare Clinic is the place to go in Northeast Wisconsin for a reverse shoulder replacement, a revolutionary surgery that's providing new treatment options for patients with severe shoulder damage. This cutting-edge procedure allows an experienced surgeon to repair shoulder problems that were previously considered untreatable.



Total Shoulder Arthroplasty Using e+™ Technology

BayCare Clinic offers total shoulder arthroplasty using e+™ technology, a vitamin E-blended polyethylene component. This technology is for those patients considering shoulder replacement for the treatment of arthritis.


e+ Technology

Developed by DJO Surgical, e+ is blended with vitamin E and formulated to reduce long-term wear[1]. Testing showed a 57 percent reduction in wear, compared to a standard polyethylene component.


While a number of products on the market are infused with vitamin E, meaning the vitamin E is added to the product after it is manufactured, e+ is blended directly into the resin for a more uniform distribution of the vitamin E within the polyethylene, which helps the material retain its properties throughout the product. e+ was developed to increase the performance of total joint replacements over conventional polyethylene by eliminating oxidation, maintaining mechanical properties, and decreasing wear.  All of which could lead to a longer lasting implant, especially for the active patient.


[1] E-plus testing date on file at DJO Surgical.  Bench test results not necessarily indicative of clinical performance.


Why Choose BayCare Clinic

  • Experience. BayCare Clinic orthopedic surgeons have over 125 years of combined experience and offer the area's widest array of orthopedic subspecialties.

  • Joint Camp. Our exclusive, pre-operative training class helps patients and caregivers prepare for surgery and rehab, improving patient outcomes.

  • Orthopedic Care Team. During post-operative recovery, you are cared for by orthopedic surgeons, physician assistants, nurse practitioners, physical therapists and nurses who specialize in joint replacement.

  • Cutting Edge Procedures. The orthopedic surgeons at BayCare Clinic continue to introduce new surgical procedures and joint replacement materials, offering the most advanced hip and knee replacements available. 

  • Pain Management Program. Our pain management specialists have extensive experience caring for total joint replacement patients.  They've developed a proactive approach to pain management designed to maximize your comfort level and speed recovery. 


Please call our office or request an appointment online. No referral required.


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