Family Eye Care

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Family Eye Care

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With BayCare Clinic Eye Specialists, the eyes have it! We provide comprehensive patient care, from annual eye exams to diabetic eye evaluations and ongoing treatment for complex eye diseases.


And while we have some of the best eye surgeons in Northeast Wisconsin, we also offer exceptional family eye care. We take pride in providing state of the art, individually personalized eye care for children, teens, adults and the elderly. 


Our goal is to maximize your vision potential and make sure your eyes are healthy. Our services include:


Family Eye Exams

We offer vision care for the whole family, from birth through adulthood.


We recommend that everyone receives an eye exam at least every two years. Even if you believe you are seeing well and are in good health, many eye diseases are symptom-free until significant damage (sometimes irreversible) has been done. 


Also, many farsighted children slip through the school screening but have problems with headaches in school or fall behind in their reading performance. This could be detected and avoided if your children receive regular routine eye exams.


A thorough eye exam includes a variety of standard tests to check your sight and eye health.  Your eye exam will include screenings for diseases like glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy, and other underlying health issues.


Within the scope of family eye care, we also treat eye infections, remove foreign bodies, and treat dry eye.


Vision Correction

Many patients enter our clinic with myopia, hyperopia, astigmatism, and/or presbyopia. We can correct these vision problems in many ways:


  • We have an incredible optical boutique with the latest in eye glasses fashion.
  • We fit the newest contact lenses available in the industry. Even if you've had trouble in the past due to an astigmatism or the need for bifocals, we can usually help.
  • And for our patients who want to get rid of contacts or glasses, we offer Lasik and other laser vision correction options.

Specialty Care

Your sight is important. We'll help you preserve it. If your eyes are impacted by disease or injury, we have a team of ophthalmologists  who specialize in a specific fields of vision health (e.g. cornea, glaucoma, retina, pediatrics, refractive surgery, or oculoplastics).


Our patients have access to one of the most highly-trained, collaborative eye care teams in the state. That means we have the resources to deliver more thorough, cost-effective care.


24-Hour Emergency Service

To better serve our patients, our Eye Specialists offer 24-hour emergency care. If you need urgent eye care assistance outside normal office hours, call 920-327-7000 to access our afterhours line. Our on-call physician will help evaluate your needs.


To schedule an appointment with one of our vision specialists, call 920-327-7000, or (877) IN-A-WINK, or request an appointment online

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