Eye Specialists

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Eye Specialists

Recognized as Northeast Wisconsin's eye care leader, BayCare Clinic Eye Specialists offer a full range of ophthalmology services. That includes eye exams, state-of-the-art laser vision correction surgery as well as highly specialized pediatric ophthalmology and cosmetic surgery.


BayCare Clinic Eye Specialists have the largest eye clinic north of Milwaukee, offering more specialty services than any other provider in the region:


We were the first in area to introduce custom LASIK and the first to provide iris implants for damaged eyes. 


Our full-service eye clinic includes optical and contact lens departments, featuring one of the area's largest and price-competitive selection of eyewear frames and contact lens designs.



Current Medication List


Laser Vision Correction

Restore your vision. Laser vision correction surgery, such as LASIK, can correct many vision problems. Laser eye surgery works by removing tissue in the cornea to reshape it and improve its focusing power. 


We offer free LASIK evaluations. Find out if laser eye surgery is right for you. For your convenience, you may request an appointment online


Vision and Audiology Services at One Location!

The Hearing Center BayCare Clinic provides a full range of audiology services at our main office location in Green Bay. They are proud to be a leader in excellence among Wisconsin hearing aid clinics. Visit our doctors of Audiology at the Hearing Center!


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