Online voting will return October 1, 2022

All registered bras will be voted on by the public online from October 1 to October 12 (ending at midnight).  Prizes will be awarded during the event.


Plastic Surgery & Skin Specialists by BayCare Clinic: Fits Like a Glove 

Our team designed this bra to reflect some of the resources we use when caring for our breast cancer patients. Pink gloves were used for the overall theme by transforming them into something other than their typical everyday use. Breast cancer patients often go through a series of treatments and reconstruction that is also transformative. We care about all of our patients and hope that their transformation process “gauze” perfectly!!

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A Bag Lady: Our Jewels are a Girl’s Best Friend!


A Bag Lady Bra

Our jewels are a girl’s best friend- so be sure to do your screening and protect your breasts!


Designed by: Jill Zelzer and Holly Lawniczak.

Ashwaubenon Department of Public Safety: This is a BUST-ier


Being able to provide "extra coverage" is a hallmark of the Ashwaubenon Department of Public Safety. 


Working as Police, Firefighters, and EMS we can utilize our vast skill set to provide the support and coverage the Village's residents and visitors deserve. 


It is understood that a corset is more than just a bra, but at ADPS we pride ourselves in giving more than expected.


Designed by: Jamie Zynda, Cindy Treml, Diane Hayes and Melissa Warych.

Aurora BayCare General & Vascular Surgery Breast Services Team: Bra Pong


The Breast Services team at Aurora BayCare General & Vascular Surgery wants you to AIM for breast health.

Bellevue Family Dentistry: Because Teeth Matter


At Bellevue Family Dentistry we care about your smile.


Designed by: Dori Villwock.

Malcore Group at Berkshire Hathaway Home Services Bay Area Reality: Puttin' On The "Titz"


Everyone deserves to feel beautiful and "fully dressed" in their own skin.


"If you're blue, and you don't know what to do

Why don't you go where reconstruction is? Puttin' on the Titz

Different types of cup and sizes, small and perky bountiful and proud

Perfect fits, Puttin' on the Titz"

Designed by: Ben and Deanna Malcore.

Berkers Family Dentistry: You’re Flossome



Here at Berker’s Family Dentistry, we are “rooting for you”.


More than 250,000 Americans are diagnosed with breast cancer every year- and your oral health may play a factor in your risk. Several studies have suggested women with gum disease may be at higher risk of developing breast cancer. So, “you know the drill”- regular dental check-ups, “floss like a boss”, and be kind to your dental team because we have “fillings” too.

Branch Construction: Under Reconstruction



Reconstruction might not be the right thing for all breast cancer patients. But reconstruction is a right for all breast cancer patients.


Designed by: Brad Karban, Chris Gilinski and Branch Construction crew.

Brown County Sheriff’s Office: Erasing Breast Cancer


Erasing breast cancer is the dream of Deputies Coffey, Gawlik and Wittig. As young ladies themselves, in addition to their work in the schools with young girls AND being mothers of young daughters, these deputies would love nothing more than to be able to erase the existence of breast cancer. For those fighting the courageous fight, they would love to erase the fear and the unknown and to remind them they are not alone.


Designed by: Brittany Coffey, School Resource Officer; Bryanne Gawlik, D.A.R.E. Officer and Deputy Courtney Wittig.

Bu-Tiffle Things Boutique: Keep Your Gnome Domes Bu-Tiffle 


Gnomes are cute and make people smile & laugh, which we all need more of. Gnome-body has you covered or makes you feel as cute & happy as Bu-Tiffle Things Boutique. From senior pictures, to weddings, Friday night football games, to Christmas parties. There’s no place like Gnome!! And no place like Bu-Tiffle Things Boutique.


Designed by: Brenda Kalies.

Dannah Piippo and BayCare Clinic Pain & Rehab Medicine staff: Bone-ita The Brave


 BayCare Pain and Rehab Medicine:

"We'll check your back, YOU check your front!"


You can count on the team at BayCare Pain and Rehab Medicine to check you out head-to-toe to find the source of your back pain, but there are no bones about it…we need YOU to perform breast self-exams to help close the loop on breast cancer. 

Escape Room Wisconsin Green Bay: Colonel Mustache with the Candle Stick


When we heard Glitz & Gold, we decided to take inspiration from our fan-favorite escape room Mystery Manor! A classic “whodunit” based off the board game CLUE. 


The bodice are cut-outs from the “School of Athens,” a prominent painting in the dining room of the manor. We took the same molds used as filigree in the manor itself to frame each panel to tie in the set design of the room. We also used some of our discarded keys from broken locks that were once in gameplay.


Designed by: three of our game masters Libby, Lunnie, and Colt.

Festival Foods - De Pere: Bibbity Boppity Boob!


The significance of this piece is centered around the traumatic experience of being diagnosed with breast cancer, to a possible mastectomy, to reconstruction. Much like a fairy godmother, there are many people who help to create ‘magic’ to better the lives of those dealing with the effects of breast cancer. This is a nod to the many doctors, surgeons, tattoo artists and all the support teams out there that help empower and strengthen the mind and bodies of breast cancer patients.


Designed by: Laura Brady.

Festival Foods - Saumico: Roaring 20s


The glitz and glamour theme inspired us to make a bra that followed the style of flapper dresses. Considering the 1920s were a prolific time for women finding their voices and strength, we thought this would be the perfect idea. Fashion was an important way for women to reject societal standards and find their own way of expressing themselves. We think that women of the past and women of today can relate to going through hardships with grace and resilience.


“Here’s to strong women.

May we know them.

May we be them.

May we raise them.”


Designed by: Katy Koby.

De Pere Woman’s Club: Corkie Summer Love


“Hey Corkie”

“Yes, Sandy?”

“Shell we swim? Or…Shell we eat?”

“Whatever floats your boat or tickles your fancy.”

Green Bay Police Department: Fighting Crime and Fighting Cancer 


Many of the women and men of the Green Bay Police Department have seen a loved one fight through breast cancer. We encourage breast self-exam on a routine basis. Routine self-examination can help detect breast cancer before it spreads. Early detection can potentially give a patient more treatment options and a better chance of full recovery. Fighting crime and fighting cancer together to make our community better.


Designed by: Jamie Wozniak.

The Green Bay Celtics Rugby Team: Rucking for a Reason


The men of the Green Bay Football Rugby Club are not just big guys crashing together on the rugby pitch. Each of these gentlemen has a strong passion to supporting the Green Bay community and causes like Breast Cancer Awareness Month. They have customized rugby kits, raised and donated funds and played games to support this cause. Breast cancer has touched many in the organization one way or another, so it was only fitting to continue to be involved and put together a bra for the Bras on the Bay event.


Designed by: Ed and Rachel Borowitz & The Green Bay Celtics Rugby Team.

H.J. Martin and Son: Fairest of Them All



Magic mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest of them all?


Fair isn't simply a word to describe someone's appearance; it's also a historic word for beauty. That is why we chose this representation of Snow White, a strong-willed woman with a gentle soul. This princess did not allow her struggles to defeat her, and she maintained her kind nature even through the trials of her life. As Snow White once said, “when the raindrops come tumbling, remember you’re the one who can fill the world with sunshine.”


Designed by: Carly Paupore, Emma Karrels and Erin Whitman.

The Heart of the Valley Chamber: Better Together


The Heart of the Valley Chamber advocates for business growth through leadership, collaboration, and strategic partnerships. Each gem represents one of the fantastic Chamber members that make up our business community. We are better together.


Designed by: Malarie Griese, Nicci Sprangers and Jennifer Pierre.

Linda Linzmeier, survivor: WOODn’t it be Great to Eliminate Breast Cancer


WOODn’t it be Great to Eliminate Breast Cancer?


Designed by: Linda Linzmeier, survivor.

My Favorite Quilt Shop: Knockers ‘Knocking Out’ Breast Cancer


Fight like a girl to overcome the challenges of breast cancer.


Designed by: Jana & team at My Favorite Quilt Shop.

National Railroad Museum: Light & Dark


It is a visual exploration of the hope, sadness and anger that can come with a breast cancer diagnosis for either an individual or their family.


Designed by: Jacqueline Frank and Liz Van Pay.

Nell's Wigs & Boutique: The Power of a Stitch


United together with each stitch, we will “knock” out breast cancer.

We embellished a pattern for knitted knockers breast prosthesis to create a united bra, adorned with power phases of Empower, Fight, and most of all HOPE.


Designed by: Nell’s team.

Nicolet Bank: Stand Tall, Stand Out


Flamingos symbolize balance, beauty, and grace – which we believe encompasses what the organization, fighters, survivors, and people represent as well.


Designed by: Jennifer Maruszczak and team.

On Broadway, Inc.: Hot Air Balloobs


On Broadway, Inc. is always looking for ways to “lift up” the Green Bay community. This bra is a representation of one of our most popular events. We light up the night sky with hot air balloons during an igNight Market each year.


Designed by: Emily Nettesheim, Brooke Hafs, Tammy Hardwick, Betsy Sorensen, Quincy Fassbender.

Petal Pusher: Garden’s Bounty



Dried amaranthus, echinops and gomphrena grown at our own flower farm, Petal Pusher Gardens, paired with bleached fern and skeletonized leaves.


Designed by: Petal Pusher.

Ribbon of Hope Foundation: Somewhere Over the Rainbow


Somewhere over the Rainbow, there is a perfect world where there is no cancer. There is only happiness, peace and health. Although we can't give people the gold at the end of the rainbow, Ribbon of Hope can help them navigate through their breast cancer journey. The breast cancer diagnosis can disrupt your life like the storm before the rainbow but knowing that you have people that can support you along the way can make all the difference. It's because of fundraisers like this that we can help our recipients see the rainbow after the rain has gone.


Designed by: Nikki Rueckl and Elsa Frank.

Salt and Pepper Marketing: Tell Cancer to Succ It!


Tell cancer to “succ it!” All patients deserve to know their reconstruction rights. You deserve to feel beautiful inside and out! Tell cancer to succ it with early screenings and reconstructive surgery options!


Designed by: Shana Yule of Salt and Pepper Marketing with help from Jenn Harper from CASA.

Savoye Salon Spa: I’m Shampure Meadows



Be proud, celebrate, and honor the beauty we have within us.


We at Savoye believe in being perfectly imperfect. No two humans are alike. Our bra signifies no two breasts are alike.


At Savoye and Aveda we celebrate October as Breast Cancer awareness month. We offer a limited-edition breast cancer Shampure hand relief with many of the plant and flower essences you see in our design, from lavender to eucalyptus.


Designed by: Heather Krause, Joanna Green, Michell Bartlein, Alyssa Majors, Sam Sharkey, Julie Gau, Emma Luedeman, Amanda Adams, Jennifer Rentmeester, & Heather Gustafson.

Seroogy’s: BRA in Rebloom


While scars can be beautiful, reconstruction can cause a reblooming.  Whether it’s physical or emotional, reblooming is always marvelous.


Covered and sculpted entirely in chocolate this bra shows that even your scars can be gilded with an opportunity to rebloom.


Designed by: Sarah Steel.

Stillmank Brewing Company: Friends for Life


Lovingly created using yarn and beer cans from our annual “Friends for Life” Guava Juiced IPA release.


Designed by: Stephanie Harvey, brand promoter and beer lover at Stillmank Brewing Company.

Tweet Garot: Ain’t Gnomebody Got Time for Cancer


Gnome body has time for cancer but making time for a breast exam is essential. There are gnome excuses and gnome doubts on how important breast self-examinations and mammograms are!


Designed by: Jodi Miller-Larson, Paige Vandenack, Gracie Mathies, Katelyn Vande Hei.

Tweet Garot: A Swift Journey to Defeat Cancer



Breast cancer isn’t Folklore. Being diagnosed with breast cancer may have you seeing Red but, Soon You’ll Get Better. Your days and Midnights will be Fearless. Grab a Cardigan and Speak Now with your doctor about scheduling a mammogram. Don’t wait until August, There’s only one you.


Designed by: Hope Voigt.

Tweet Garot: Tu Tiempo Es Infinito



“I have all the time in the world. I am in touch with the timeless. I am surrounded by infinity.” – Deepak Chopra


Designed by: Bree Lett, Jenna Burkart, Lissette Cortez.

Vande Hey Company: TeFiti: The Heart of the Vande Hey Company


As a group of women working in a nontraditional field, we came together to create a bra that represented our industry as well as our team of inspiring women: strong, legendary, environmental, and hopeful for the generations who follow us.


Designed by: Vande Hey Company.

Our bra is made of synthetic turf, rock, and tillandsia (air plants).