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Winners of the bra decorating contest will be announced at the BRAs of the Bay event held on Thursday, October 21 at 6 p.m. at Badger State Brewing Company.


A Bag Lady

Treasure Chest

Treasure your chest, get your breasts checked!

Bag lady bra design bras of the bay baycare clinic

Amanda Schuessler | Kimberly Montague | Kristy Wertel

All Eyes on Breast Care

This is really a tongue and cheek bra that’s so full of style and class. We thought it would be really fun to make the bra cups eyes, literally having eyes on breast care. While the title of our bra is All Eyes on Breast Care, this piece is so full of personality and style that we keep referring to it as "she" and "her" and I reference her as Bougie Betty.

All Eyes on Breast Care baycare clinic bras of the bay

Ashwaubenon Public Safety


This year's helpers were Diane Hayes, Cindy Treml, and Megan Lehman. Diane was our main seamstress.

Ashwaubenon public safety bras of the bay baycare clinic

Aurora BayCare General & Vascular Surgery Breast Services Team

Assault & Battery

This is a BUST!
We choose a black-striped bra to represent jail bars. A play on words were used for ‘Assault’ and ‘Battery’ as this adorable bra will apprehend your attention!

Breast Services bras of the bay

Bellevue Family Dentistry

Sara Strong

Sara Strong tells a story of a young lady fighting breast cancer. Her battles with surgeries, treatments, and reconstructive surgery. Sara Strong is the support of family, friends, and community, helping on her journey.

Bellevue family dentistry bras of the bay

Brown County Sheriff's Office

Roaring with Courage

With inspiration from one of our deputy’s wives who is currently at battle. Artistic Credit: Deputy Carly Resch & Deputy Bryanne Gawlik.

Brown county sheriffs office bras of the bay

Bu-Tiffle Things Boutique

America the Bu-Tiffle

We love America, we love the red, white, and blue, and we love being United. As a country or a band of women, supporting each and every person makes a huge difference. We strive for always standing together no matter what. Decorated by: Shannon Charles.

Bu-Tiffle Things bras of the bay

Camera Corner Connecting Point


Katy Perry’s song “Roar” is the basis for the theme for our Bra. The song is an anthem of “self-empowerment.” Several of the lyrics come from other popular songs which was intentional by the writers; Queen’s “We are the Champions”, Helen Reddy’s “I am Woman” and Survivor’s “Eye of the Tiger.” As we were listening to the song it made us think of all the people impacted by Breast Cancer and knowing the challenges they have faced. We see BRAS of the Bay as the light to their tunnel. We hope by raising awareness for this wonderful event, we can help those affected. We want to see them be the Champions they are and hear them ROAR into a brighter future.

Camera Corner Connecting Point bras of the bay

Deanna Malcore, Malcore Premier Group Berkshire Hathaway

Don't Let Your BooBees Fall

We went with this theme because it is so important to not only be diligent in watching for signs of breast cancer and doing what we can to catch it early - but also help bring awareness about the availability of breast reconstruction surgery following treatment.

Berkshire bras of the bay

DePere Women's Club


Meet "Rosebud" our family name for the female body. Created by Victoria Brawner De Pere Women's Club.

Rosebud de pere womens fund bras of the bay

Downtown Inc.

A celebration of downtown Green Bay.

Downtown Green Bay bras of the bay

H.J. Martin and Son 

A Force of Nature

Mother Nature is female, and she provides life of all kinds. She is strong, she is inspiring, she is voicing her opinion and telling her story. Women are digging deep into their life-giving powers and advocating for those who need a motherly hand and ultimately, are advocating for themselves. Women are forces of nature and they use their power to fight for and support one another. This glowing design showcases the beauty and wonder women provide to the world.

HJ Martin and Son bras of the bay

Joyful Escape Day Spa

Life is Like the Ocean

Life is like the ocean, sometimes we are a shell being tossed to and fro by the ocean waves. Other times we are pieces of sea glass as life washes away the rough edges, making us smooth and something new. Perhaps we are mermaids jumping so fast through the water of life, or a starfish taking a quiet moment.

To remember what once was on the bottom of the ocean floor. No matter the loss or gain, in the end we all end up on the beach. Feeling the sand, the sun, becoming perfect pearls. Taking a break from life, inhaling in and out. Enjoying the little things. Basking in the moment of our escape, our sweet joyful escape.

Joyful spa bras of the bay

Linda Linzmeier

aBRAcadaBRA! Tada, New Ta Tas!

There is no Hocus Pocus, you are entitled to reconstruction surgery after breast cancer.

Linda L. bras of the bay

On Broadway


Fresh produce with a little glamour. Think about a night out at the Farmers’ Market On Broadway. Our love of fruits and vegetables is displayed through this classy undergarment.

Vegetable bra bras of the bay

Palette Pub

The Re-birth of Venus

Submitted on behalf of Palette Pub by Annie Larsen, artist and breast cancer survivor.

Rebirth bras of the bay

Petal Pusher

Floral Fringe

A sassy strapless number covered in dramatic amaranthus and darling gomphrena grown at our flower farm, Petal Pusher Gardens.

Petal Pusher bras of the bay

Pete's Garage

You are greater than the sum of your parts. Decorators: Ashley Brey and Heather Gentry.

Pete's Garage

Pool Works

“Swim like a Fish…Fight like a GIRL”

The bra was designed by the talented Michelle Eberhardt.

Pool Works bras of the bay

Ribbon of Hope

"Our Cup Overflows with Gratefulness"

The Ribbon of Hope is an all-volunteer organization that depends on the help of others. We are proud to say that $0.97 of every dollar donated goes directly to people in our community. But we could not do it without fundraisers like this. We are very grateful for all the people that help and support and volunteer for Ribbon of Hope! Decorator: Nikki Rueckl.

Ribbon of hope bras of the bay

Seroogy's Chocolates

Art Deco Decadence

Bra covered in dark and white chocolate discs accented with chocolate covered cookie dough and the labels from our new dark chocolate meltaway bars. Decorator: Sarah Steel.

Seroogy's bras of the bay

Thornberry Creek

Double Bogey

Thornberry Creek at Oneida is all FORE supporting BRAs of the Bay! Decorator: Tawny Casey.

Thornberry creek bras of the bay

Tweet Garot Mechanical | Hope Springs

Hope Springs

Artists: Kay Nieset, Isaac Klemm, Bree Engstrom, Dave Evans, Jenna Burkart.

Hope springs bras of the bay

Tweet Garot Mechanical | Hunting 4A Cure

Hunting 4A Cure

Artists: Bethany VanSickle, Neva Paque, Josh Jeanquart, Angela Hanagan.

Hunting 4A Cure bras of the bay

Tweet Garot Mechanical | Keys for a Cure

Keys for a Cure

Artists: Todd Lonzo, Michelle Holford, Wil Rowe, Doug Casper.

Keys for a cure bras of the bay

Tweet Garot Mechanical | Under ReConstruction

Under ReConstruction

Artists: Lissette Cortez, Kara Krueger, Tonya Charneski, Kayte Balza, Paige Vandenack.

Under ReConstruction bras of the bay

Vande Hey Co.

Mother Nature’s Brassiere

With a little wine, a lot of chicken wire, and plenty of laughter, the ladies of the Vande Hey Co. are very proud to submit “Mother Nature’s Brassiere”! Our project is made of live succulents grown into a wire and sphagnum moss frame, accented with reindeer moss and burlap.

Vande Hey bras of the bay

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