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In the meantime, check out our submissions from last year!


A Bag Lady


Power of the Ta-Ta's

Knock out breast cancer with a powerful punch! Be sure to do self-examinations and your yearly mammogram! SHAZAM to breast cancer!




Jane of the Jungle

This bra was designed to show that women are strong, fearless and brave. We wanted to showcase a design that would encourage women to show their wild side and to give them the opportunity to let loose and have fun. We see major leopard, fur, and stud trends this fall season and will continue to see them for seasons to come! :) 


Badger State Brewing Company


Beer Halls: A Symbol of Togetherness, a Baseline for Greatness

Historically, beer halls served as community pillars. The camaraderie they nurtured exists today in Green Bay. Beer brings us together and creates new connections and opportunities. These experiences allow us to expand our knowledge, support and understanding to a greater cause. 


BMO Harris Bank


Cancer Bugs Every Woman

The flowers are a representation of the ones you can find at the Farmers Market and we chose a lady bug because of all the wonderful ladies who have fought, are fighting and may have to fight this terrible cancer.


Bu-tiffle Things Boutique


Bu-Tiffle Brazen Brassiere

The bra was designed by Shannon with the Green Bay Packers and sparkly things as inspirations. Who doesn't love Packers and sparkles? Once I started with the first sparkle, it all just came out in this Bu-Tiffle design.  I started with no design in mind and it ended up in this bu-tiffle brazen brassiere. I couldn’t be more proud of how it turned out. 


Camera Corner Connecting Point


Life is Like a Camera

Focus, on what’s important
Capture, the good times
Develop, from the negatives
And if things don’t work out, take a 2nd shot.


Festival Foods - De Pere


Treasure Your Chest

I’m not a victim of cancer, I’m a rogue fighter who will beat this. I’ve suffered and a lot of people thought I would falter and die. But I don’t die that easy. And when this is all over I will treasure every inch of my skin and every breath that I take. Because now I know what their real worth is. My scars are my pride and my beauty.


Festival Foods - Green Bay East


Squeeze the Day

With a lemony theme, we want to encourage women to get their annual checkups and Squeeze the Day!


Festival Foods - Green Bay North


Supporting Mother Nature

Mossy-covered bra loaded with all sorts of succulent plants from small to big. Plus the wow factor of a small breast cancer jewel hanging from the center.


Green Bay Metro Fire Department


Blazing Forward

The Victoria's Secret bra for a firefighter! Material used for this creation was taken from a retired turnout coat that was actually worn in a few fires. Beads and gems were added for just a little sparkle and the flames were just for fun. This bra is tough, just like survivors of cancer!


Green Bay Police Department


Making Arrests and Saving Breasts

Our bra is decorated with multiple mini handcuffs, a little bling to make it sparkle, and adjustable cuff straps! 


H.J. Martin and Son


Follow the Yellow Brick Road

"Follow the yellow brick road! Follow the yellow brick road! Follow, follow, follow, follow, follow the yellow brick road!" This mosaic tile Wizard of Oz creation features details from the classic movie, including poppy fields, the breathtaking Emerald City and the famous ruby red slippers! "There’s no place like home!"


K Será Salon and Spa


Beauty is in the Eye of the B-Holder

A bra isn't just a bra, it's body armor and makeup isn't just makeup, it's war paint in the world of whatever will be. K Sera, Sera.


Monzù Bakery & Custom Cakes


Underwater Treasure

Our bra is inspired by magical mermaids, and this breathtaking bra is adorned with shells and shimmering pearls. The bra, decor and her flowing tail are all completely edible.


Nell's Wigs & Boutique


Radiant Blossom

The Japanese Cherry Blossom represents the radiance, fragility and transience of life. At Nell’s, it is the symbol we use to remind us life is short and unexpected, and that we need to make the best of each moment.


On Broadway



Inspired by Taste on Broadway’s “Best Taste” award, On Broadway’s Bra of the Bay is designed to show that all women who have fought and are currently fighting cancer are winners of their own battles.


Petal Pusher Floral Boutique


Woodland Wonder

A natural beauty created from moss, birch bark, pussy willow, pine cones and dried straw flower and blushing bride protea.    


Poppy Avenue Boutique


Strength and Dignity

She is clothed with strength and dignity,
and she laughs without fear of the future.


Ribbon of Hope


When Pigs Fly

You've heard people say, "When pigs fly!" It's a response meaning "THAT will NEVER HAPPEN!" Before a man landed on the moon, the answer was "When pigs fly!" But it happened. So at Ribbon of Hope, we believe one day there WILL BE A CURE for Breast cancer, so one day pigs WILL fly and that's why it's our logo.


Salon Fifty Four


The Giving Tree Bra

The bra is inspired in part by the book “The Giving Tree.” The boy becomes friends with a tree. She gives shade and branches to climb. Later she offers apples for the boy to make money. The boy returns and takes her branches and her trunk. He comes back an old man, needing only a place to sit. The tree still provides comfort. People have donated dollars to keep the circle going.


Slayed by Zac


Breasts ROCK!

This design is a BOLD and beautiful statement piece that packs a punch! 👊 Whether you're a Glitz and Glam Diva working the runway 💎👠 or a Rock and Roll Princess slaying the stage 👸 🔥 🎸 this bra lets you and everyone around you know that!

Breasts Rock!


The Assemblage Studio


Time to Soar

The Assemblage Studio is pleased to create a bra again for B.R.A.s of the Bay. This year our bra is made out of found objects: metal dairy separators, bottle caps, clock parts, a keyhole, trim from a vanity tray and wired pearl straps, complete with feather and tin wings! It is suspended inside a gilded 18x23 frame for hanging.


The Children's Museum of Green Bay


Win the Game ...

Winning the game through education and early detection. 


The Main Salon and Spa


Seaside Cancer Escape

Let the sounds of the waves transport you,
Let the sun and the sand surround you,

While searching for shells soothes you,
Let the smell of the ocean engulf you,
Let the staff at the The Main Salon and Spa transform you …


Wild Ginger Boutique


Stone Garden

Butterfly and floral statuary.


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