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A Bag Lady


bag lady bra design


Don’t hide from mammograms and self-breast exams! 


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Angie Mathias, Amber Kuemmel & Felicia Livermore

Smokin Jumblies

angie mathias bra design


The international man of mystery is no match for these weapons of mass distraction! Watch out breast cancer! 


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Ashley Scott

The Darlene

Ashley Scott bra design


With faith, hope, and love we can spread our wings and fly above breast cancer. 


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Bay Park Square

“Cents”ible TaTa$

bay park square bra design


1. (of a statement or course of action) chosen in accordance with wisdom or prudence; likely to be of benefit.
2. (of an object) practical and functional rather than decorative.

Change is heavy.


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BayCare Clinic Eye Specialists

Keep an Eye on Your Girls!

eye specialists bra design


We want to stress the importance of yearly mammograms and self-breast exams. "Keep an eye on your girls" is our way of highlighting these exams.


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BayCare Clinic Interventional Neurology

Save the Boo-Bee’s!

interventional neurology bra design


Save the Boo-Bee’s! Represents awareness for breast cancer screening and understanding of risk factors for both women and men. Gold signifies hope, warmth, and happiness for those affected by this disease and optimism for finding a cure. Black represents the strength and power needed to fight this disease. The honey bee – sweet and a little sassy!


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Bu-Tiffle Things Boutique

34 Sea

bu-tiffle thing boutique bra design


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Camera Corner Connecting Point

Madame Butterfly

camera corner bra design


Just when the caterpillar thought the world was over, it became a butterfly.


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Capital Credit Union - Downtown Green Bay

The Light through the Darkness

capital credit union bra design


We wanted to represent the beauty in the battle, as well as support. The strength and the fight of a person battling cancer are beautiful. It deserves more recognition. Be it the loss of breast tissue, depression, or the battle itself; you are strong, beautiful and supported.


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Festival Foods - De Pere

Treat 'em Sweetly

festival foods de pere bra design


This is a candy coated bra full of sweetness and surprise!


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Festival Foods - GB East

Kiss Cancer Good-Bye!

festival foods gb east bra design


With this sweet bra, we want to encourage all breast cancer patients to stay strong and “kiss” cancer farewell. At the end of the day, there is nothing sweeter than a KISS! and chocolate.


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Festival Foods - GB North

Festival of Lights

festival foods gb north bra design


Celebrate your feminine beauty. Light up the world with HOPE!!


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Green Bay Booyah

Don't Let Cancer Steal Second Base

green bay booyah bra design


Knock cancer out of the park! We hope this bra encourages everyone to battle, and never give up. No matter what life throws at you, you can't hit a home run if you don't swing! 


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Green Bay Metro Fire Department

Suppression Support

gb fire bra design


A bra that can put out the flames, can carry the load and still maintain a little bit of glam!


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HJ Martin

Believe in the Impossible

hj martin bra design


The design of this bra was inspired by the charming story of Alice in Wonderland. While some may call Alice naïve for believing “impossible things,” you should never let anyone in your life define what is impossible for you!


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Jayne Black

Peacock Spirit Animal

jayne black bra design


The peacock symbolizes- awakening, guidance, protection, watchfulness. This brilliant animal offers lessons of self-love and honor! The peacock keeps his eyes on the stars! Love you deeply and let the peacock spirit animal guide you in your journey of healing for you are a brilliant shining empowered star!


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Monzù Bakery & Custom Cakes

Sweet Dreams

monzu bakery bra design


This tasty bra will satisfy anybody’s sweet tooth.


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Nell's Wigs and Boutique

Branches of Support

nells wigs bra design


The design of our bra began with a sunset, embracing the mystery of life.  The cherry blossom tree signifies rejuvenation and rebirth and highlights the strength and the grounding support one receives through their cancer journey. To the eye of the beholder, each sunset is a unique experience, comparatively so is each and everyone’s experience with cancer. 


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Nicolet National Bank

Our Survivors and Our Angels!!

nicolet national bank bra design


Breast Cancer is REAL & these are the REAL people that have been affected – these are our co-workers, our mothers, our sisters, etc - the people that we love!  This is the personal side of cancer – the pictures are OUR Survivors and OUR Angels!  Cancer has NO boundaries!!!


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On Broadway

Levitt AMP - QT Records

on broadway bra design


Inspired by the Broadway District's summer event series, the Levitt AMP Green Bay Music series brings people together through the power of free, live music. This event creates opportunities for everyone to experience the performing arts by enjoying diverse, high-caliber musicians. 


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Petal Pusher Floral Boutique

Botanical Bra

petal pusher bra design


Celebrating the natural beauty of botanical materials including Chinese lanterns, dianthus, gomphrena, amaranthus, and hypericum and accented with butterflies to celebrate the beauty of change.


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Ribbon of Hope

“O-FISH-ALLY It’s Your Right” Bra

ribbon of hope bra design


This year the Ribbon of Hope Foundation Bra is “O-FISH-ALLY” helping to spread the word that reconstruction is a RIGHT for women receiving a mastectomy due to breast cancer. We want women to know that they DO have the RIGHT to ask for and receive the surgery that could very well make them feel whole again and that their insurance is mandated to cover it.


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Salon Fifty Four

And the tree was happy

salon 54 bra design


It is so appropriate that Gregory chose The Giving Tree as his final presentation for BRAs of the Bay. He was a unique individual who created his own rules and live and died on his own terms. He got by on very little for himself yet always had just that extra something for others. "And the tree was happy." He will forever be missed and always in our hearts.


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Sunrise on Main Boutique

Empowered Women Empower Women

sunrise on main bra design


In the colors of our logo, we support survivors with jewels, feathers, and hand-sewn golden beads, reflecting elegance, beauty, and strength. Sunrise on Main and our non-profit partner, RESET.LIFE, believe in the power of women uplifting other women!


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Surgical Associates of Neenah, SC

Wear your SCARS like a WARRIOR, As they are a REMINDER you are a SURVIVOR

surgical associates bra design


Our bra represents strength like a warrior. Gold for stability, blue for peace, calmness and trust.  Snakes symbolize a women's struggle with cancer, treatment, and self-image. It is a reminder no matter how deep the scars, you are a warrior and a SURVIVOR.


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Suzy Thibert

Double D's support you…dancing with the sisters

suzy thibert bra design


No matter your size, we all have an inner “Disco Diva.” We support ALL sisters; in front of us and alongside us. So just dance!


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The Cannery Public Market

Ladies, look out for one an udder!

cannery bra design


We’re combining the country and city! Just like we do every day in our farm-to-fork restaurant. The cow print is a nod to our dairy farm roots while the flashy bling serves as a BOLD reminder for women to check their own breast health and encourage their friends and family to do the same!


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The Children's Museum of Green Bay

(James) Rivetting

childrens museum bra design


Go all in and get as many people involved as possible. Change the rules, change the conversation.


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The Main Salon


main salon bra design


When I glance in the mirror, what do I see...flaws, imperfections, worry, anxiety and fear...Then, as I continue to stare my eyes start to see, I'm beautiful and courageous. Confident, unshaken and free. I see the smiling, PERFECT reflection of me!


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