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Welcome to Revitalize AntiAging Medicine BayCare Clinic and the beginning of a healthier, livelier and more energetic you. We are Northeast Wisconsin’s leader in anti-aging and regenerative medicine. Whether you are looking to reduce the signs of aging, facing hormonal decline or simply want to get back to a time when you felt better, Revitalize is here to help you age better.


Revitalize is founded in the belief that there is a better way to age. You don’t need to accept that illness, fatigue or sexual dysfunction are inherent in the aging process. Don’t be resigned to a declining quality of life. At Revitalize, our goal is to improve the way you look and feel, especially as you grow older.


Dr. Thomas Wilkins brought this proactive healthcare approach to Green Bay and looks forward to helping men and women age better. As the only Board Certified and fellowship trained in anti-aging and regenerative medicine physician in Northeast Wisconsin, Dr. Wilkins is uniquely qualified to address all aspects of hormonal imbalance, as well as metabolic and functional medicine.


Customized Hormone Replacement 

Your hormones — estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, cortisol and thyroid — all work together in a coordinated system. Addressing any one hormone individually causes the body to come out of balance so proper hormone replacement, if necessary, must be tailored specifically to your individual needs.


Each person is unique, and that’s why Revitalize AntiAging Medicine BayCare Clinic offers individualized hormone replacement treatments. We have a wide variety of hormone replacement therapies to meet your specific anti-aging or wellness needs.


Anti-Aging and Wellness

Revitalize will guide you to meet your health and wellness goals. We will design a program specific to your needs, incorporating treatment options such as bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) for women, testosterone replacement therapy for men, stress reduction, thyroid evaluation and nutritional counseling. Additionally we will work with your fitness and primary care providers to provide a medical evaluation, patient education and wellness best practices.


To speak with a patient care coordinator about our anti-aging and wellness services, please call (920) 857-8197.


Revitalize seeks to improve people’s health and well-being of Northeast Wisconsin. We want to improve the quality of life for our patients and share the belief that there IS a better way to improve the aging process. We provide an environment where patients can discuss sensitive issues in a comfortable, understanding manner. We provide simple and easy access to our services, products and resources for an area underserved in this fresh approach to aging. At Revitalize, we strive to help our patients live longer, healthier lives.


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Growing old is inevitable…Aging poorly is not.

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