Share & Be Aware

Share & Be Aware

Whether you’re driving a car or riding a bike, please share and be aware on Wisconsin’s roads.


Share & Be Aware GB is a campaign to educate everyone who uses the roads in the Green Bay area to make biking even safer. Every person – whether they’re driving or biking – contributes to safety. Further, the more people bike, the safer it is for all people biking.



For everyone

Defensive driving is a good way to go for people driving or biking. Follow the rules of the road. Don’t speed. Watch out for the other guy. Know where they are. Anticipate what they might do.


For people driving

People driving and people biking share the same rights and responsibilities on the road. Bicycles are legal vehicles and have a right to be on streets. People driving must give people biking at least 3 feet when passing.


If you are passing a person riding a bicycle, slow down and wait until it is safe for all road users. You may need to wait for oncoming traffic to clear so you can move over to allow 3 feet when passing.


Mind speed limits. Don’t touch your phone. Always give people on bikes at least three feet when passing. Yield to people walking in crosswalks (marked and unmarked) and on trails.


People biking aren’t mind readers. Use your turn signals. Watch for people biking and yield to them, letting them pass before you make your move. They have the right of way.


If you’re turning, don’t cut off people biking. On right turns, stop and let people biking pass before turning. On left turns, stop and let oncoming people biking pass before turning. People biking can use the left lane to turn, so watch for them if you pull into the left lane to turn.


If you’re parking, watch for people biking and yield to them. Let them pass before you open the door. Again, they have the right of way.


If you see someone biking on a cross street as you pull up to a red light or stop sign, slow down. They might cross in front of you.


If you see someone biking the wrong way in traffic – coming at you in your lane, that is – slow down and give them a wide berth as you pass.


For people biking

Ride in the road, on the right side, with traffic. Stay 3 feet from the curb, parked cars or hazards. When you feel it is necessary, scan, signal and take the lane when safe to do so.


Share wide lanes with people driving. Ride in the middle of narrow lanes to avoid getting squeezed out of traffic. Stay to the center of the lane when riding straight through an intersection and use the lane farthest to your right as you go to your destination. When changing lanes, do so one lane at a time.


Follow the same signals, signs and traffic laws as people driving. Don’t ride on the sidewalk unless local traffic ordinances allow it.


At night, a headlight and rear light or reflector are required. Reflective gear is a good idea, too. Wear a properly-fitted helmet.


People driving aren’t mind readers, either. Don’t surprise them. Ride in a straight line. Don’t swerve between parked cars.


Make eye contact with people driving to let them know you see them and to make sure they see you. Signal and look back when turning or merging.


About Share & Be Aware GB

BayCare Clinic Bikes is partnering with the Wisconsin Bike Fed and the Wisconsin Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Safety to deliver the Share & Be Aware GB message to the Green Bay area. It is supported by Live54218, a community health and wellness initiative.


BayCare Clinic Bikes is a fitness and wellness initiative that promotes bicycling as a healthy, family-friendly activity. Efforts are aimed toward increasing bicycling and advocating for bicycling safety throughout northeastern Wisconsin.


Follow us on Facebook at @ShareandBeAwareGB.


Statewide, the Share & Be Aware campaign delivers its road safety message via the web, social media, bus and billboard advertisements, public service advertisements and appearances by a team of Share & Be Aware ambassadors.


Share & Be Aware ambassadors are available to speak to business and community groups, attend community events or participate in public meetings. There is no charge for their services. You may request an ambassador using this online form.



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