Patient Stories

What kind of care does BayCare Clinic provide? That’s a story best told by our patients. Enjoy some of their success stories.

Jean's story: Regenerative medicine was a home run

Jean Healy hurt her leg and wasn’t responding well to physical therapy. Then she experienced positive results with regenerative medicine.

Debora’s story: 'Pain free' after thumb surgery

A swollen, arthritic thumb meant years of pain for Debora. That changed when she sought the aid of Dr. Brian J. Klika.

Matt’s story: With new ankle, 'I can do stuff I wasn't doing before'

“The pain’s gone. I have my mobility back." Matt Stevenson says after ankle replacement surgery.

Brad’s story: Life's ‘phenomenal’ after weight-loss surgery

When being excessively overweight threatened to hinder his active life with his three young children, Brad sought the expertise of Dr. Daniel McKenna for bariatric surgery and successful weight loss.

Kristin’s story: Relief after 2 years of double vision

For two years, Kristin dealt with severe double vision, headaches and squinting just to see. Then she met Dr. Lee Woodward, who offered her permanent relief.

Dick’s story: ‘Miracle’ stroke care

Dick Lucka bounced back quickly from a stroke, thanks to his wife’s quick action, a rural ambulance squad’s quick call and Dr. Ziad Darkhabani’s quick treatment.

Kevin’s story: My backache was a heart attack

Timing is everything. Urgent care hadn’t opened for the day, so Kevin wound up in the emergency department, where he received a diagnosis that may have saved his life.

Bob’s story: Lumbar fusion brings ‘instant’ relief

Bob admits he waited too long to have posterior lumbar fusion surgery. Now he’s back in action, enjoying his beloved outdoors.

Linda’s story: ‘My hero’ eased my nerve pain

After living with a painful nerve condition in her foot for 18 years, Linda says Dr. Danqing Guo’s treatments saved her life. Now, she’s back to spending time with her family and walking her dogs.

Kevin’s story: Weight loss surgery is “so worth it”

Kevin’s story: Weight loss surgery is “so worth it”

Linda’s story: ‘I feel better’ after weight loss surgery

Linda Malchow had weight loss surgery in February 2018. Today, she’s healthier and has lost over 100 pounds.

Cataract awareness: Great vision after surgery

When playing over-50 softball became a struggle, I never thought it was my vision. Figured I was just getting older. Instead, my left eye was becoming clouded.

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