Patient Stories

What kind of care does BayCare Clinic provide? That’s a story best told by our patients. Enjoy some of their success stories.

Ashley’s story: ‘Finally … I can smile’

Ashley is all smiles these days, thanks to the expert care provided by Dr. Chad Seubert, an oral surgeon with BayCare Clinic.

Tony’s story: 'Good as new' after trigger finger care

Tony is enjoying life without pain after having two trigger finger surgeries by Dr. Brian J. Klika.

Brogan’s story: Seeing clearly with Ortho-K

From a young age, Brogan struggled with vision problems. Then he discovered Ortho-K. Now he enjoys clear sight.

Thad’s story: 'Excited' about weight loss surgery results

Thad is happier and healthier after weight loss surgery.

Edwin’s story: A stroke’s uncommon symptoms

A loss of vision and balance signaled that Edwin was having a stroke.

Cheryl’s story: ‘Doing everything’ after 3 aneurysms

“I’m doing everything,” Cheryl says after being treated for three aneurysms in her brain.

Annika’s story: Hearing aids make ’huge difference’

Annika thought she was too young to wear hearing aids. That changed as soon as she tried them on.

Karli’s story: Without wrist pain, she’s ‘the mom I want to be’

Karli knew her numb, weakened hand likely meant carpal tunnel syndrome. She sought out a new procedure, Thread Carpal Tunnel Release.

Mary Ellen’s story: Ankle replacement ‘best thing I ever did’

Mary Ellen's ankle pain kept her from doing what she loves. That’s why she had her left ankle replaced.

Glen’s heart failure story: ‘Charlie’s got his angels and so do I’

When Glen had his second heart attack within a 10-year span, he received help from specialists at Aurora BayCare Medical Center’s Comprehensive Heart Failure Clinic.

Deb’s story: Weight loss surgery ‘worth it’

Deb Obry had weight loss surgery to address several health issues. Today, she’s healthier and almost 100 pounds lighter.

Tina’s story: ‘Awesome’ therapy for overactive bladder

InterStim therapy gave Tina Melotte full control of her bladder – something she’s never had before.

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