Patient Stories

What kind of care does BayCare Clinic provide? That’s a story best told by our patients. Enjoy some of their success stories.

Timothy’s story: Bariatric surgery ‘was wonderful’

Bariatric surgery was an easy choice for Timothy Fameree.

Lynn’s story: A pianist’s shoulder surgery

Lynn Seidl didn’t want to give up playing the piano. That’s why shoulder surgery was “a no-brainer.”

Jay’s story: 'Life is good' after hip replacement

An anterior hip replacement procedure gave Jay Fessler back his quality of life.

Jean's story: 2 new hips, 2 new knees

“My only complaint is that I didn’t do these things sooner,” Jean Sleger says.

Chris’ story: Achilles and heel, all healed

Chris’ life has been good since his heel and Achilles tendon were repaired.

John’s story: ‘Awesome’ vision after LASIK

LASIK surgery ended years of hassles for John McClain, who had vision problems as a child and had worn glasses since grade school.

Dennis’ story: Surviving a stroke

“I don’t have time for this,” is what Dennis Panneck thought when he first started having trouble seeing out of his left eye. It was holiday season, an important time for Let Me Be Frank Productions, where Dennis is band director.

Donna’s story: Surviving two strokes

A persistent husband and a skilled interventional neurologist were key to Donna's stroke survival.

Kay’s story: Botox beats overactive bladder

Botox® injections have helped Kay Madoche get relief from a lifelong struggle with overactive bladder.

Dawn’s story: New ankle, new ‘bud’

Dawn Sidwell thinks it’s “awesome” that the surgeon who replaced her ankle wants to keep tabs on her.

Carly’s story: ‘Trust the doctor’

Carly Kuntz is proactive about her health, especially when it involves what she irreverently calls “girl parts.”

The Orthopedic Urgent Care: Stop in, move on

The Orthopedic Urgent Care is “just so convenient and so nice” when it’s needed, John Connelly says.

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