Patient Stories

What kind of care does BayCare Clinic provide? That’s a story best told by our patients. Enjoy some of their success stories.

Jeff’s story:  Enjoying retired life after hip surgery

For Jeff, an active lifestyle and thirty years of working on concrete took a toll on his body. Dr. Kirk Dimitris, orthopedic surgeon at Orthopedics & Sports Medicine BayCare Clinic performed a total hip replacement to help.

Judy’s story: ‘No problems’ after stroke care

Judy suffered an ischemic stroke, which happens when a blood clot blocks a brain artery. Dr. Gerald W. Eckardt, a BayCare Clinic neurosurgeon, provided immediate, life-saving care and restored her health.

Tammy’s story: ’Whole again’ after breast reconstruction

When Tammy Monroe needed breast reconstruction surgery after a double mastectomy, she sought the expertise of BayCare Clinic plastic surgeon Steven C. Schmidt. He performed the procedure which Monroe says, “makes me feel whole again.”

Patti’s story: Catching breast cancer early

The High-Risk Breast Cancer Program at Aurora BayCare Medical Center helped catch Patti Behrens’ cancer early, potentially saving her life and sparing her from aggressive chemotherapy and radiation.

Kristin’s story: ‘Loving life’ after knee surgery

When Kristin Reimer could no longer bear intense pain in both knees, she sought help from Dr. Kirk Dimitris, an orthopedic surgeon with BayCare Clinic. He performed double knee replacement surgery, relieving her pain.

Marylee’s story: A singer, then a talker after stroke

Marylee Radtke couldn’t speak after a stroke, so Dr. Ziad Darkhabani asked her to sing. She sang beautifully, then recovered beautifully.

Michelle’s story: Heart attack at 41 was ‘wake-up call’

Michelle Hansen made big changes in her lifestyle after a heart attack. Her goal: “Living a little bit longer with the people that I love.”

Mark’s story: ‘Back on the horse’ after leg, ankle surgery

When Mark Wimmer’s motorcycle tipped over onto his right leg, breaking his fibula and his ankle, Brandon Scharer, a foot and ankle surgeon with BayCare Clinic surgically repaired Wimmer’s leg and ankle and got him going again.

Barbara’s story: ‘Listen to your body’ for AFib

Barbara Uhl’s family history of atrial fibrillation increased the likelihood of her getting it at a younger age than most people. However, lifestyle choices pose the most common risks for AFib.

Emily’s story: ‘Thankful’ after knee surgery

A highway crash left Emily Stephenson with a damaged knee. She needed specialized knee surgery. She sought the expertise of Dr. Harold J. Schock of BayCare Clinic. He repaired her left knee cartilage and restored her mobility.

John’s story: ‘I have my life back’ after hip surgery

John Schnaubelt’s hip surgery required unique care due to some health conditions. Dr. Kirk Dimitris, an orthopedic surgeon with BayCare Clinic, successfully performed Schnaubelt’s right posterior total hip arthroplasty, despite those conditions.