Meet Vicki Hutterer Trost, orthopedic nurse practitioner

Fri, Nov 18, 2022

While growing up, Vicki Hutterer Trost found herself visiting the hospital – a lot.


She says it’s no surprise that all that time in the hospital led her to a career in medicine.


“My grandma was always kinda sick, so I always spent a ton of time in the hospital,” she says. “My parents both worked full-time, and my mom was an only child, so when I was younger, I would just go to the hospital and stay with Grandma … get her through therapies. So I kinda just grew up in the hospital, and it kinda just led me to that focus.”


Add to that the fact that she also visited the hospital for frequent injuries, and her career in medicine (orthopedics and sports medicine, to be precise) seems as though it was inevitable.


“I kind of got into orthopedics as I was told I was an orthopedic dream growing up. I had quite a few fractures. I spent a lot of time in … the clinic,” she says. 


After completing high school, Hutterer Trost became a surgical technician at a Green Bay-area hospital, working there for about a decade before deciding to earn a nursing degree. After 10 years as a nurse, she furthered her medical expertise when she became a nurse practitioner.


Today, Hutterer Trost practices with Orthopedics & Sports Medicine BayCare Clinic in Manitowoc and Green Bay.


Nurse practitioners specialize in advanced practice registered nursing. Among their responsibilities are assessing patient needs, ordering laboratory tests and diagnostics, diagnosing diseases and developing treatment plans.


“When I became a surgical tech … I loved that part, and that’s why I kind of wanted to stay with orthopedics,” she says. “It still gives me that great balance between patients and surgery.”


Hutterer Trost earned her master’s degree from Chamberlain University in Chicago, Illinois after completing her undergraduate studies at Bellin College in Green Bay.


She attributes much of her successes to the support and encouragement she received from her mother.


“I lost my mom about 14 years ago, and she was my biggest cheerleader. I was in the middle of nursing school when it happened, but she had cancer,” Hutterer Trost says. “She was kind of my biggest fan, and she always told me to do my best … that was one my biggest motivations when I went back for my nurse practitioner program.”


Hutterer Trost strives to build trust and respect with her patients. She treats each patient as an individual, creating personalized treatment plans tailored to each patient’s needs.


“I enjoy talking to patients … getting to know them on a personal level,” she says. “I am always trying to find the best care, what’s new out there, what’s available … I am always looking for alternative options.


“So whatever I can do to make their recovery stay, is what I am going to focus on.”


Away from the office, Hutterer Trost enjoys time with her husband and their dog, Otis. She also loves spending time outdoors; hunting and fishing are among her favorite outdoors activities.


Vicki Hutterer Trost is a nurse practitioner with Orthopedics & Sports Medicine BayCare Clinic. She sees patients in Manitowoc and Green Bay.




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