Honoring research and medical education projects

Wed, Oct 5, 2016

The annual Aurora BayCare Medical Center award ceremony honored several caregivers for their current participation in advancing research and medical education.


"Innovative approaches to patient care and the delivery of medicine is at the forefront of Aurora BayCare’s efforts to provide the most effective, high-quality care to our patients,” said Annette Paul, manager of clinical research at Aurora BayCare Medical Center. “There are many exciting research and clinical trials being conducted by caregivers at Aurora BayCare, making it a leader in research in Northeast Wisconsin. We’re thrilled to be able to celebrate this work and showcase some of the researchers and their work through this event.”


Aurora BayCare Award Winners 


 Awardees include: 

Aurora BayCare conducts patient-centered research in two areas: investigator-initiated research and clinical trials.


Aurora BayCare Honored Caregivers


Investigator-initiated research includes project and programs that Aurora BayCare physicians develop within their special interest area. These include growing studies in neurology, neurosurgery, sepsis/emergency department, orthopedics/pain management, pulmonology/acute care, oncology, sleep medicine, gastrointestinal health and women’s health.


Numerous cancer clinical trials have been ongoing at Aurora BayCare for various types of cancers, but research has expanded far beyond cancer trials. For example, Aurora BayCare has research options for patients with stroke, acute coronary syndrome (heart) disease, multiple sclerosis, SI-Bone/pelvic joint, knee injuries and more. Patients have access to more than one hundred open clinical trials at Aurora BayCare and more than 400 open trials throughout Aurora Health Care. 

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