Aurora BayCare cardiologist: Test eases some heart health fears

Thu, Feb 18, 2016

Dr. Scott T. Weslow of Aurora BayCare Cardiology put himself in the position of a patient on Tuesday when he took a test designed to offer peace of mind for many concerned about their heart health.


The test, referred to as a calcium score screening, involves a CT scan of the heart and a search for telltale calcium buildup – the latter an indicator for a potential heart attack or other cardiovascular disease. Weslow took the test for a WBAY Channel 2 News story.


“I had not done this test before, so it could have been bad. I mean, I do have a family history of heart disease,” Weslow told Channel 2 reporter Sarah Thomsen.


All was well with his test. Weslow scored a zero, with no detectable calcium buildup. But had there been issues, the calcium would have been easily detectable on the scan.


“It’s really a cheap and quick test that could go a long way in determining your risk and then telling you how you need to live your life going forward,” Weslow said.


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Watch the full story here.

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