Ask a Doctor: Why you should get a flu shot every year

Wed, Sep 26, 2018

Getting vaccinated every year is important because your body’s immune response from flu shots declines over time and the strains of flu viruses are constantly changing.


“The flu isn’t like the common cold,” says Dr. Laura Vogel-Schwartz, an emergency medicine physician with BayCare Clinic. “Hundreds of thousands are hospitalized each year because of it. It’s dangerous for healthy people, and more dangerous for those with health problems such as a weakened immune system.”


Ask a Doctor: Why you should get a flu shot every year


The flu season typically runs from September to March, Vogel-Schwartz says. Ideally, you should receive your flu shot before the end of October.


Antibodies need about two weeks to develop in your body to protect you from influenza, which means the sooner you receive the vaccine, the sooner you are protected.

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