Medical Record Requests


Request or share your medical records

How can I request my medical records?

 To view available notes after an appointment, click on Visits to find the date of the appointment. Click on View Notes or View After Visit Summary. These documents can be printed by clicking the printer icon.


To request records from BayCare Clinic:  From Menu find Request Medical Records and follow the prompts.


BayCare Clinic has a central Release of Information (ROI) department that processes medical record requests for all BayCare Clinic locations and specialties. All medical record requests must be directed to the ROI department. Please DO NOT send requests to the provider’s office.


Note: The records will be sent electronically to your portal account within one business day.


Sharing my medical records

Share Everywhere is a way for you to share your health information with people taking care of you. Using myBayCare, you can generate a “share code”. The share code may be given to providers who are not on our health record system so they can access your health information. Share Everywhere allows providers to receive one-time, temporary access to your health information.   


Happy Together

Patients can see their health information from other organizations that use the Epic record in myBayCare through Happy Together. An existing medical record from another organization can be linked to your myBayCare account to view your medications, allergies, and problem list from the outside organizations.


How far back do health records go on myBayCare?

myBayCare will display your most recent medical records – usually from the past several years. BayCare Clinic began using electronic health records on 06/11/2014.


If these suggestions don’t resolve the problem, contact the myBayCare support team or call us toll free at 1-855-642-6903.