Appointments and Video Visits



Can I make an appointment with a provider I have not seen previously?

If you would like to see a BayCare Clinic provider, and it is your first time seeing that provider, search for a doctor or provider and request an appointment through BayCare Clinic’s website.


How can I cancel an appointment?

From Visits, select Upcoming Visits and then select the visit you would like to cancel.  Click the Cancel button.


Can I PreCheck-In to my upcoming appointment?

Yes.  Prior to your upcoming appointment, you will get a notification that you can PreCheck-In for your upcoming appointment. PreCheck-In allows you to update contact information, address, medications, allergies, and current health issues. It also allows you to update insurance information and upload insurance cards, saving you time before and during your visit.



Video Visits

What is a video visit?

Video visits are a way to get medical care virtually. You can have a secure, private visit from the comfort of home – or wherever you happen to be.

Video visits are available with some specialists. During a video visit you meet with your provider via video instead of coming into the office.


Are video visits safe and private? is a secure portal for video visits with your provider. You can complete a video visit using an internet browser on any computer or mobile device with a camera and microphone. You do not need to download software or create an account.   


Can I use insurance to cover the Video Visit?

You should check with your insurance company to confirm that video visits are a covered service. We will bill your video visit with your specialist or another member of your care team to your insurance and they are subject to any co-insurance, co-pay or deductible – just like an in-person visit. If you are paying out of pocket for your video visit, contact BayCare Clinic Customer Service at 888-550-5384.


Prescriptions, additional tests, or other services will be billed to insurance. Only the consultation, diagnosis, and treatment plan are considered part of the video visit.


When should I use a video visit with my specialist or another member of my care team?

Contact your provider to see if your visit can be done via video. If your provider decides it's appropriate for your situation, they will work with you to schedule your appointment.


How do I prepare for my video visit appointment?

Video visits can be done using a computer or mobile device with a camera/microphone and internet access. 


Use this link to test your device prior to your visit:

The Simple, Free, and Secure Telemedicine Platform |


Follow these instructions to prepare for your visit:

doxyme-patient-instructions_trh.pdf (


During scheduling, you will be asked if you prefer to get your video visit invitation by text or email. Please start 5-10 minutes before your appointment to ensure you can log in and you are not having technical difficulties.


How long should I wait for a video visit with my provider, or another member of my care team to begin?

Please wait for 15 minutes past the scheduled start time of your visit. If your provider hasn't joined the visit by then, leave the video visit and contact their office to reschedule.


Can someone else, like a family member, join my video visit?

If a friend, family member or caregiver attends your in-person appointments for your assistance or comfort, they can also join your video visit.


Can my video visit be canceled?

Yes.  From Visits, find the cancellation option or call your provider’s office.


At any time during the video visit, your provider may advise you to seek in-person treatment. If it appears that your symptoms suggest an emergency, they will advise you to seek care at the closest emergency department.


If these suggestions don’t resolve the problem, contact the myBayCare support team or call us toll free at 1-855-642-6903.