Account Setup and Security


Getting Started

Who can sign up for myBayCare?

Anyone 18 or older can sign up for myBayCare.


Where do I start with myBayCare?

  • First, you’ll need to register for a myBayCare account.
  • If you received an activation code:
    • On your After Visit Summary: Go to Click the 'Sign up now' button and enter the activation code.
    • Via Text or Email: Click the link and follow the prompts. The link will take you to the LiveWell with Advocate Aurora (a BayCare partner) page. The username and password you create for your LiveWell account will be the same username and password you will use when logging into myBayCare. 
  • If you don’t have an activation code, you can create a myBayCare account by answering a few questions. Your answers will be used to connect your new account with your existing medical record.

What if I don’t have an email account?

You will need to create an email account to access myBayCare.


My activation code does not work, what should I do?

For your security, your activation code expires.  If that happens, you can create a myBayCare account by using the self-sign up. 


Will all my information transfer to myBayCare when I register?

  • All of your information should transfer to myBayCare. If you notice information missing you can send us a 'Customer Service Question' message from your myBayCare account or call us at 1-855-642-6903.
  • If you have difficulty messaging your provider directly, contact the myBayCare support team, or call us at 1-855-642-6903.

Missing or Incorrect Information

I just registered for myBayCare and none of my information appears.  What should I do?

  • Confirm you have created your myBayCare account with the correct organization.  This is for BayCare Clinic in northeastern Wisconsin. 
  • If you’re a new patient, once you have your first office appointment with a BayCare Clinic provider, our office can help get your medical records transferred to our system.
  • Your account information doesn’t match your medical records:  If the name on your medical records is Melissa, and the myBayCare name you used to register is Missy, the system may not recognize the match. If you registered for myBayCare with the wrong name or information, call Customer Service at 1-855-642-6903.
  • Have you seen providers at BayCare Clinic in the past?
    We may be having trouble matching your myBayCare records to our electronic health record system. Please contact the myBayCare support team. From myBayCare, select Messaging > Ask Customer Service and follow the on-screen prompts to send us a message.
  • You may request updates to your information through myBayCare. Updates may not appear in your record until reviewed by clinic staff.      

Can I access myBayCare through my tablet or mobile device?

Yes, by downloading Epic’s MyChart app, or by going to the myBayCare home page.


Apple Play Store
Google Play


How do I change the email address I used for myBayCare?

From the Menu, go to Communication Preferences. Under Contact Information, choose Edit. Update your email address, then select Save Changes.


Security and Sign-In

When I try to sign in to myBayCare, I get a message that says, "Invalid username or password." What should I do?

  • The password field is case sensitive. Double check to make sure your Caps Lock key is not on.
  • Make sure you’re not entering extra spaces in either the username or password fields.
  • Try recovering your username or resetting your password by choosing the Forgot Username? or Forgot Password? links beneath the Sign In button.
  • Repeated failed attempts will result in your account being disabled. Recover your password or account before 5 failed attempts to avoid getting your account disabled.

If these suggestions don’t resolve the problem, contact the myBayCare support team or call us toll free at 1-855-642-6903.