Test Results FAQs


When can I see my test results in myBayCare?

Test results may be posted within a few hours or a few weeks, depending on the test. Once your test results are available for viewing, you’ll get an email stating that you have a new test result in your account.


Where can I see my test results?

  • Sign in to myBayCare
  • In the top navigation bar, select the Health menu, then select Test Results
  • You’ll see a list of all test results currently available for viewing
  • Select an individual test result to view more details about that test

If your tests were taken at a hospital, be sure to check the “Show Hospital Results” box on the main Test Results page.


What kind of test results are made available in myBayCare?

Within your myBayCare account, you’ll be able to view test results for:

  • Labs
  • Imaging results
  • Pathology/cytology results
  • OB procedures
  • X-rays, CAT scans and MRIs (text report only; images are not displayed)

The following types of test results are currently unavailable through myBayCare:

  • HIV test results
  • Stress tests
  • Echocardiograms
  • Tests for Huntington’s disease
  • Procedures marked as "confidential"
  • Procedures from other electronic records

Why can’t I see my test results?

If you can’t see some or all of your test results in myBayCare, it could be because:

  • Your tests haven’t been released by your doctor yet — Depending on the type of test, it could take up to two weeks to get the results. If you feel too much time has passed and your results are still missing, contact your doctor’s office or clinic directly.
  • You had a type of test that can’t be released online — Certain types of tests are never viewable in myBayCare due to their sensitive nature. These include HIV test results, stress tests, echocardiograms, tests for Huntington’s disease, procedures marked “confidential” and procedures that have been transferred from other electronic records.
  • Your test was actually a procedure — Some tests are categorized as “procedures” in our system. This means they won’t show up in the test results section of myBayCare. If you’re not sure if you had a procedure or a test, contact your doctor’s office or clinic.
  • Your test results include scanned images — If your results include scanned images like X-rays, the images won’t be viewable in myBayCare. Contact your doctor’s office directly to obtain copies of images.
  • You had tests taken at a hospital — In myBayCare, hospital test results are filtered out by default. To view hospital test results, check the “Show Hospital Results” box on the Test Results page in your myBayCare account.

Is there a way to print more than one lab or test result at a time?

At this time, there is no way to print multiple lab results at one time. To print an individual result, select the result you want to print from the Test Results page (Health > Test Results). From there, click the printer icon in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.


Can I compare multiple lab values for the same test?

Yes. To compare multiple lab values:

  • Sign in to myBayCare
  • From the Health menu, select Test Results.
  • Choose the test you’d like to compare results for
  • From the test details page, select the Past Results tab or the Graph of Past Results tab. The Past Results tab will show your past results as a table, while the Graph of Past Results will display your past test results as a graph.

When can I expect to see my X-ray results?

X-ray reports are not automatically released to myBayCare until 14 days after the test is performed. This is to make sure your provider has time to review the results and contact you personally if need be.


Keep in mind that only the X-ray results will be available in myBayCare. The image of the actual X-ray will not be displayed because myBayCare does not support images at this time.


Why did I get the same test results more than once?

Your health care provider may add comments to your test results after they have been released to you. If this happens, you’ll receive the test result message again with the provider's new comments at the top.


How can I learn more about my test results?

  • Sign in to myBayCare
  • Go to the Health menu, then select Test Results
  • Click on the test you’d like to learn more about
  • In the top right corner, click on the green text that reads “Learn more about this test from the U.S. National Library of Medicine”
  • You’ll be taken to a third party site to learn more about your test

If you have additional questions about your test results, please contact your doctor.


Still have questions?

You can also email the myBayCare Support Team or call us toll free at 1-855-642-6903.