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Aurora BayCare Urological Surgeons offers UroLift, an innovative surgical option to treat BPH, or benign prostate hyperplasia, in men.

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Two of our urological surgeons – Heather M. Stefaniak, MD, and Richard Windsor, MD, FACS – have received the UroLift Center of Excellence designation, which recognizes their high-level training and experience with the UroLift procedure and their commitment to exemplary care.


What is UroLift?

UroLift is a minimally invasive procedure. Enlarged prostate tissue is lifted, compressed and pinned back with stitches, preventing that tissue from blocking the urethra and the flow of urine.


The UroLift procedure is an alternative to the traditional resection of the prostate, which entails cutting prostate tissue. Resection also carries with it the risk of complications that can include bleeding and incontinence.


What causes BPH?

BPH is often caused by an enlarged prostate gland, which is common in men ages 50 and older. Symptoms include:

  • A weakened urine stream
  • Getting up at night to urinate
  • Not emptying the bladder
  • Accidental urination

What can I expect as a UroLift patient?

  • It’s typically a 10-minute procedure done under mild sedation in an operating room.
  • Most men go home the same day.
  • Most men enjoy a quick recovery with no need for a catheter.
  • Men who take blood thinners can continue to do so, even during the procedure.


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Dr. Heather M. Stefaniak discusses UroLift on the BayCare Clinic Podcast.

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