Skin Cancer Detection

Skin Cancer Detection

The American Cancer Society estimates that more than 91,000 new melanomas – the deadliest form of skin cancer – will be diagnosed in the United States this year.


Early detection is key.

If detected early, melanomas have an estimated 97 percent five-year survival rate. Plastic Surgery & Skin Specialists by BayCare Clinic provides treatment for all forms of skin cancer, including malignant melanomas, basal cell carcinoma, and squamous cell carcinoma.


See a spot?

How do you know whether it’s skin cancer? Nick Grimm, a dermatology services provider with Plastic Surgery & Skin Care Specialists by BayCare Clinic, recommends knowing your ABCD and E’s


Skin cancer detection tips


A - Assymmetry

It's not symmetrical. Half of the spot doesn't match the other.

B - Border

The borders are blurred or fuzzy.

C - Color

Contains multiple colors like brown, tan, or black.

D - Diameter

Is the size of the spot larger, or growing larger, than 1/4 inch?

E - Evolution

Has the spot changed in size, shape, color, or elevation over time?


Other signs may include wounds that won't heal, redness, swelling, tenderness and pain.


Is it skin cancer?


Get it checked

No matter what, tell your doctor if you notice any unusual changes to your skin.


We provide complete skin examinations to identify and treat precancerous and malignant lesions. Consult our dermatology services experts if you have a suspicious sore, mole or skin patch, as these could be signs of skin cancer. 


Treatment services include:

  • Biopsy of suspicious lesions
  • Removal of precancerous growths (actinic keratosis)
  • Surgical removal of skin cancers
  • Non-surgical treatments such as creams and light therapy
  • Removal of benign (noncancerous) lesions

If surgery is required, your best treatment options will be customized in consultation with our dermatology services experts and plastic surgery providers.


Schedule your annual skin exam by requesting an appointment online or by calling 920-288-8240.


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