Shoulder Instability

Shoulder Instability

If your shoulder dislocates repeatedly, gives-out, or feels like it's just too loose, you are probably experiencing what's known as "shoulder instability."


Shoulder instability is common among people who have had multiple shoulder dislocations. Other times, it is the result of repetitive motion and overuse.


If you are having trouble moving your shoulder, or have recently had a dislocated shoulder, see the orthopedic specialists at BayCare Clinic. They can help you regain mobility and help prevent further injuries.


Kids and Dislocated Shoulders

People who have had one shoulder dislocation are often likely to experience another. The younger you are when your first injury occurs, the more likely it is that your shoulder will start slipping out of place repeatedly.


In fact, patients who have their first dislocation under the age of 20 have a 90% chance of developing recurrent instability.


Young athletes with shoulder pain should never be encouraged to play through the pain. Doing so may cause further damage and limit the child's ability to play sports altogether.


Treatment Options

An orthopedic specialist at BayCare Clinic will examine your shoulder and test for instability. Your doctor may also order an x-ray, MRI, or ultrasound to confirm the diagnosis.


Nonsurgical treatment options typically include rest (modify your activities), anti-inflammatory medication, and physical therapy.


Sometimes, surgery may be required to repair torn or stretched ligaments. If necessary, the orthopedic surgeons at BayCare Clinic will typically recommend arthroscopic surgery, a minimally invasive way to repair shoulder problems. This is often referred to as a shoulder scope.


The goal of any treatment plan is to reduce pain, improve mobility, and reduce the likelihood of further injury. As our patient, you will receive individualized care designed to return you to your normal activities as quickly and safely as possible.



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