Family Eye Care FAQs

Family Eye Care FAQs

Can I use my medical insurance for my eye examination?

We have specialists at our clinic who can work with you to find out if your medical insurance will cover an eye exam. Often times, medical insurance will cover an eye exam if you have a medical issue (such as, dry eye syndrome, cataracts, burning eyes, "floaters" in your vision, or family history of vision problems). Otherwise, routine visits are covered by vision insurance.

During your visit, the doctor will decide if your exam will be billed to your medical or vision coverage. Please let your doctor know if you are having medical issues with your eyes.


Should I bring my glasses and contacts with me to my examination?

We recommend bringing your current glasses and contacts to your exam. These items are helpful to our staff, as they can compare your vision change or find out how your current glasses and contacts are working for you.


Are all sunglasses safe for my eyes?

No, unfortunately not all sunglasses are made with a sufficient amount of UV protection. We can help you find a safe pair of sunglasses in our office.


I am not sure what kind of glasses I need. Can you help?

Of course. At BayCare Clinic Eye Specialists we have caring providers that will specifically find out what type of glasses you will need. We also have specially-trained staff to help you find high-quality, stylish, and of course, comfortable eyeglasses.


Am I a candidate for refractive surgery?

While refractive surgery is an excellent fit for some, it is not always a perfect fit for everyone. Determining if you are a candidate for refractive surgery is dependent on your vision and your expectations. A good candidate has a desire to be less dependent on glasses or contact lenses and can accept the potential risks and side effects of the procedure. Also, the patient's vision must be stable for the past year, have no history of eye disease, and have a certain refractive error.

We offer free initial consultations where a Refractive Surgery Consultant will assess your individual goals and expectations. We will ask you about your medical history and vision problems but there will be no complete eye exam involved.


At what age should my child have his or her first eye exam?

Call for an appointment if you have specific concerns or family history. Otherwise, we recommend an eye exam right before starting school or around age five.

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