Dry Eyes

Dry Eyes

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Dry Eye Syndrome is a condition in which the tears on the ocular surface are not properly working

Tears have an important function. They keep the eye moist, protect against infection, and help the eye heal minor wounds. People with dry eyes do not produce enough high quality tears or do not hold tears in their eyes long enough for sufficient lubrication.


Symptoms of dry eye include stinging or burning, a scratchy feeling, and/or excessive tearing. Some people may also experience blurry vision.


Dry eye treatment

Dry eye is a chronic condition that cannot be cured. However, with proper management, the condition can be improved, resulting in healthier and more comfortable eyes.


Here are some common treatments our doctors use:

  • Artificial tears - over-the-counter eye drops to lubricate eyes
  • Medicated drops - prescription eye drops to increase natural tear production
  • Sterile ointments - used at night to prevent the eye from drying out
  • Tear duct plugs - temporary plugs used to block the tear ducts/drains
  • Tear duct closure - surgical procedure to close tear ducts
  • Prokera - a medical contact lens temporarily placed on the eye to aid in healing
  • Meibomian gland expression
  • Self-care - using a humidifier at night, wearing wraparound sunglasses, avoiding windy conditions, drinking plenty of water

If you're troubled by dry eyes, talk with one of our Eye Specialists. We can help determine the form of dry eye and the treatments that will help you feel and see better.


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