Phonak Freedom Financing Program

Find solutions with Phonak Freedom financing program

Phonak Freedom is a subscription-based monthly payment program created to help patients simplify the purchase of hearing aid devices.


The program provides multiple options to fit various hearing and budget needs and allows patients to pay a monthly fee for your hearing aid devices like how you would pay for cable TV, internet or a cellphone.


The program provides a convenient budget-friendly option where patients have more flexibility and more device options as well as more opportunities for technology upgrades and hassle-free service.


Why choose Phonak Freedom?

The Phonak Freedom financing program provides a variety of benefits for patients in need of hearing aid devices.

  • Monthly payments and the terms of the program can be customized to fit any budget.
  • Signing on with the financing program makes advanced hearing aid devices more accessible to patients who otherwise could not afford the upfront costs. As a result, BayCare Clinic audiologists can present patients with a variety of options that will meet your individual hearing needs while also finding a payment option that fits.
  • Each payment plan comes with a warranty good for the entire term of the lease. Patients are encouraged to regularly check in with their provider regarding changes in hearing needs.
  • Patients have the option of upgrading during the lease term, and providers can be a resource for you as your hearing needs change and grow.

How does Phonak Freedom work?

After consulting with an audiologist, patients interested in the Phonak Freedom program will apply for the program directly online.


Credit decisions are made almost immediately, and there is no APR or processing fees.


Monthly payments are made to Allegro Credit and includes a warranty with The Hearing Center BayCare Clinic for the term of the program.


Patients agree to sign on for a 48-month term with an option to renew after three years.


For more information about Phonak Freedom, or to find out whether the program is right for you, contact the Hearing Center BayCare Clinic today.

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