Bragi Dash Pro

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Bragi Dash Pro

Bragi Dash Pro wireless earphones

The Bragi Dash Pro tailored by Starkey® Hearing Technologies are wireless earphones that are custom-fitted to the user’s ears. They are the world’s first custom-made wireless earphones.


The Hearing Center BayCare Clinic offers the tailored Dash Pro and takes precise impressions of the user’s ears for the custom fitting.


Starkey Hearing Technologies is a world leader in custom products and developing signal processing technologies.


How it’s customized

The tailored Dash Pro is customized to fit the exact shape of the user’s ear canal and to ensure audio isolation, meaning no loss of bass frequencies, detail or clarity. The wireless earphones can be worn comfortably all day, perfect for people with an active lifestyle, even for professional athletes.


The doctors of audiology at The Hearing Center BayCare Clinic take precise impressions of the ears to ensure the tailored Dash Pro fits perfectly inside the bends of the ear canals. This takes only a few minutes. These impressions are scanned electronically and used to create 3D-printed shells that merge with Bragi's EarTouch interface.


The user’s name is laser-engraved on the tailored Dash Pro and its protective slider.


How it works

Any Bluetooth-enabled device – Apple or Android phone, tablet or computer – can be linked to the tailored Dash Pro to stream audio and provide hands-free wireless communication. The tailored Dash Pro also has four GB of storage, enough for up to 1,000 songs.


The tailored Dash Pro provides clear stereo sound, even while swimming. It has Knowles® balanced armature speakers with a back vent for elevated bass and EQ optimization for the custom shell and vented speakers. Versant™ advanced voice technology from Knowles allows hands-free phone conversations in even the most challenging weather and traffic conditions.


The tailored Dash Pro can be a fitness tracker, instantly recognizing whether you’re walking, running, cycling or swimming. Its sensors monitor heart rate, calories burned, duration of workout, step count, distance, cadence, speed, breaths and lengths, the latter important to swimmers.


The integrated iTranslate app allows tailored Dash Pro users to have conversations with real-time translations in more than 40 languages.


The tailored Dash Pro also can be customized by downloading the Bragi app from the Apple or Google Play stores. That allows users to set up touch controls for music, connect it to an Alexa virtual assistant, and to answer a phone call with a single tap or to take or reject a call by nodding or shaking the head.


A phone with Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) connectivity is required to use the Bragi app.


About the battery

The tailored Dash Pro offers up to 5 hours of direct wireless use. It can be recharged five times in its portable charger, providing up to 30 hours of continuous use.


About the operating system

The Bragi operating system, or Bragi OS, updates regularly. The Bragi OS allows the tailored Dash Pro to learn new skills so it can help users maximize their use and achieve their goals.


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