Griffin Scholarship Application

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The Griffin Scholarship is an opportunity for high school seniors who are not otherwise receiving scholarships and whose families can’t fully pay for college or technical school but help as they are able.


It is intended to reward students who have solid grades, make good decisions, participate in extra-curricular activities and have a work history.


The Griffin Scholarship will provide two $500 scholarships toward college or technical school tuition each year.


High school seniors who plan to attend college or technical school in any field of study are eligible. Students planning to study at online colleges are not eligible.


Applications are due by midnight, April 1, 2018.


Personal information

Activities and participation

Financial information

Academic information

Provide test scores for ACT and SAT.

Future educational plans

Provide the following information about your post-secondary education plans.

Personal statement essay

How is this scholarship going to make a difference in your life? Tell us, in your own words. No quotes from celebrities or from songs or movies or books. Just you, your voice, telling us why you want or need this scholarship. Tell us how you stand out among all those who’ve applied for it.

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