Medication Safety

At BayCare Clinic, we continuously evaluate the safety of our medication systems in order to minimize medication errors and promote positive outcomes for our patients.


Health care organizations, despite best efforts to prevent them, may experience a medicine related error.  At BayCare Clinic, we use a comprehensive investigative tool to help us identify and determine the root cause of any medication errors, and then we look for system/process changes that can help prevent recurrence.  We also collect best practice information from other organizations and use that as part of our continuous improvement efforts.  In this way we don't have to experience that type of error in order to learn from it; we can prevent a similar circumstance from happening in our organization.

The Patient's Role


Medications can help you be healthy.  They can also cause problems if they aren't taken correctly, or if they interact with other medications, supplements or foods.  It's important that you take all prescription medications according to your doctor's instructions.


It's also important that you share with us a complete and accurate list of any medications you take – prescription or over the counter.  Provide this list to every provider you see, at every office visit.


If you are prescribed new medication, make sure to clarify instructions with your provider.  Do not assume that you should continue to take other medications you were previously prescribed.


Medication Health Resouces

AMA Medication Safety Checklist
AHRQ Safe Medication Guide


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