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We keep quality top of mind

Our quality goal at BayCare Clinic is to optimize each patient’s experience by reaching a balance of clinical and patient expectations. We strive to ensure that each patient experiences a thorough review of his or her concerns followed by individualized care planning with high-quality providers, guided by evidence-based practice.


This effort means that each patient will be provided the information needed to fully participate in his or her own healthcare, allowing for the selection of tailor-made treatment options.


BayCare Clinic is routinely enhancing ways to provide the region with:


  • Easier access to quality specialty physicians
  • Individualized care planning, providing patients with better options
  • Current, advanced treatment, through evidence-based practice
  • Improved methodologies based on clinical outcomes and patient satisfaction

Our team is diverse

BayCare Clinic values diversity and inclusion. It’s central to our mission to provide measurably superior specialty-medical services to our patients.


Creating an inclusive work environment, one in which differences are valued and encouraged, empowers our physicians to provide first-class, culturally-relevant care to our patients who come from various and unique backgrounds. In addition, our embrace of diversity allows BayCare Clinic to achieve positive outcomes at a higher level and contribute to their fullest potential.


Much like our patients, BayCare Clinic’s physicians and medical staff hail from diverse ethnic, cultural and religious backgrounds, coming to us from across the continental United States and from countries like these, among others:


  • China
  • Cyprus
  • Philippines
  • Ireland
  • Tanzania
  • Germany
  • India


We value diversity at BayCare Clinic and clearly understand its direct impact on patient care. Our population is becoming significantly more diverse. The patients we are serving today will look markedly different from those we’ll serve tomorrow. If we don’t embrace the notions of diversity and inclusion, especially as it relates to those we serve, we’ll lose our effectiveness as healthcare experts.

-Chris Augustian, CEO


10 things you may not know about BayCare Clinic


  1. The physician-owned clinic is based in Green Bay, Wis.

  2. BayCare Clinic employs over 600 employees.

  3. The clinic has a partnership with Milwaukee-based Aurora Health Care.

  4. BayCare Clinic has twice been recognized by Becker’s ASC Review/Becker’s Hospital Review as one of the 100 Best Places to Work in Healthcare.

  5. The organization enjoys an employee retention rate of 90.6%.

  6. BayCare Clinic has a foundation – The BayCare Clinic Foundation – created to promote specific causes and organizations deemed essential to BayCare Clinic’s mission of providing people improved health and livelihood.

  7. BayCare Clinic’s motto is "Expect the Best".

  8. The organization has BayCare Clinic locations in 13 regional communities and works with healthcare partners in many more.

  9. BayCare Clinic’s vision is to be nationally recognized by patients and peers as the “Destination of Excellence” in healthcare.

  10. Aurora BayCare Medical Center is a joint venture between BayCare Clinic and Aurora Health Care. The tertiary hospital opened in September of 2001.


We have much to offer you


At BayCare Clinic, you’ll enjoy a host of benefits you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.


You’ll be actively engaged in shaping how resources are allocated and how patients experience health care.


You’ll be provided responsive administrative support, experience the ease of delivering high-quality care, and enjoy the full use of a state-of-the-art hospital facility at Aurora BayCare Medical Center.


Impressive, right? It gets even better. You’ll also have an opportunity to earn ownership in the hospital. That’s because BayCare Clinic has ownership in Aurora BayCare Medical Center, a nationally-recognized leader in healthcare.


The hospital has been recognized for patient satisfaction, safety, outcomes and efficiency:


  • 100 Top Hospitals National Benchmark Award – Thomson Reuters
  • Top Cardiovascular Hospitals National Benchmark Award – Truven Health 100 Top Hospitals
  • The nation’s first Emergency Center of Excellence – Emergency Excellence (EmEx)
  • Wisconsin’s first Center of Excellence for Minimally Invasive Gynecological Surgery – American Institute of Minimally Invasive Surgery (AIMIS)
  • Wisconsin’s first National Accreditation Breast Care Program – American College of Surgeons
  • U.S. News & World Report – Best Regional Hospital

Join us and enjoy all BayCare Clinic has to offer you, your family and your career. Become part of our mission to provide measurably superior specialty medical services to our patients and help us ensure the continued and improved health and well-being of the people in Northeast Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula.


I wanted to move back to Wisconsin. I had done my residency in Madison and loved Wisconsin. I was living in Maine working with a large group of cardiologists. It was a great experience but I didn’t want to raise my kids there. I was looking to relocate to Wisconsin and liked BayCare’s model.

- Dr. William Witmer


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BayCare Clinic,, is the largest physician-owned specialty-care clinic in northeastern Wisconsin and Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. It is based in Green Bay, Wisconsin. BayCare Clinic offers expertise in more than 20 specialties, with more than 100 physicians serving in 16 area communities. BayCare Clinic is a joint partner in Aurora BayCare Medical Center, a 167-bed, full-service hospital. Follow BayCare Clinic on Facebook and Twitter.