Why are annual eye exams important?

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

By: Jacob A. Kozisek, OD

Have you ever thought, “why should I get an eye exam, I see just fine”? Well, having a yearly complete eye exam is an important piece of monitoring your eye health and overall general health, similar to having a regular physical.


A yearly exam

Your eye doctor will do a lot more than just evaluate your vision; he or she will also check for eye disease. Some eye conditions may be harming your eyes without you sensing any pain, discomfort or vision changes. Glaucoma, for example, often has no symptoms. As such, a person will not notice the permanent changes in his or her  vision until late in the disease state. However, if glaucoma is detected and treated early, non-reversible vision loss can be slowed or prevented. Certain systemic conditions can also manifest within your eyes. Diseases such as diabetes and hypertension (high blood pressure), if under poor control, can both have signs that can be observed on an eye exam. Eye findings from systemic conditions may cause vision changes or loss but also can be an indicator that a systemic condition is not under as good of control as needed. Your eye doctor might need to coordinate care with your other doctors to facilitate your best care.


In summary, a yearly complete eye exam is recommended because it will not only give you the most accurate prescription for glasses, but also allow your doctor to check the health of your eyes and monitor whole body health too. 

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