When should I get my hearing tested?

Friday, March 28, 2014

By: Jessie Grzeca, AuD

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Many times, a person with hearing loss is not the first one to realize they have a problem! It often is a significant other, family member or close friend. This is because hearing loss usually occurs very slowly over many years, making it difficult to sense the change until someone else brings it to your attention.


Soft sounds, like the blinker in the car, the refrigerator or air conditioner running at home are background noise anyway so you don’t pay attention to them when you can hear and therefore do not notice when they fade away. Also, you may make accommodations for yourself, like slowly turning up the TV or radio volume or relying on lip-reading. Your spouse may adapt, too, by speaking up or selecting easier listening environments with better lighting and less background noise.



Whether you or someone you love recognizes your hearing difficulty, it is a good idea to have an audiologist test your hearing. There may be simple treatments to improve your hearing or hearing aids may be recommended to ease your listening strain that you did not realize was growing.


Here is an online hearing screening to help determine whether you should have your hearing tested. If your answers tell you it is time for an evaluation, you can call 920-288-8230 or request an appointment online with an audiologist to find out where you stand.

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