What can I eat after bariatric surgery?

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

By: Jeff Ash

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After having bariatric surgery to lose weight, you can’t eat whatever you want.


So says Dr. Daniel T. McKenna, a surgeon with Aurora BayCare Bariatric Surgery.


But you may be pleasantly surprised to learn what remains on the menu.



“You will be eating normal food. You’ll be encouraged to drink plenty of liquids,” McKenna says. “You’re going to eat protein, so it’s going to be a lot of chicken and fish and steak. There will be vegetables and dairy.”


The benefits of such a diet often extend to family members, who also lose weight when everyone eats healthier.


Of course, some foods are not allowed, and for good reason.


“We’re going to restrict you from eating carbohydrates,” McKenna says. “You’re not going to eat candy, you’re not going to eat pasta and bread. Those are in place so you don’t regain all the weight.”


He acknowledges that “the hardest thing” for those having bariatric surgery is to let go of the emotional attachment to foods they can’t eat anymore.


Still, for all this talk of food, “you will not be hungry at all” after having bariatric surgery, McKenna says.


“You’ll have to remind yourself that you need to eat. We still want you to eat. You still need to be eating three meals a day. The full amount that you can eat varies depending on the procedure and the patient.”


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