Watch: Fitting a Lyric hearing aid

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

By: Jeff Ash

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Watch as Dr. Jessie Grzeca, an audiologist with Hearing Center BayCare Clinic, performs a live fitting of Lyric hearing aids in her office at Aurora BayCare Medical Center in Green Bay.


Lyric is the world’s first invisible, 24/7 wearable, shower-proof, extended-wear hearing aid. They are custom-programmed to each user’s hearing needs.


During the Facebook Live video, Grzeca’s patient – Penny Olson of Baileys Harbor – discusses the joys and hands-off convenience of wearing Lyric hearing aids.


“My hearing sounds exactly like it did in the past (before hearing aids),” Olson says of her Lyric hearing aids. “I think it’s probably the most perfect that you could have because it’s right in by your eardrum, so it really does sound natural.”


During the Facebook Live video, Grzeca discusses the advantages and the cost of Lyric hearing aids.


“The Lyric is a little bit different than a more traditional hearing aid in the sense that patients come in routinely – this is actually a typical appointment for Penny – about every 6 weeks to 10 weeks to have the instruments changed out so that they just keep on rolling,” Grzeca says, adding that the change is similar to disposable contact lenses in that respect.


“The new ones that are put back in are programmed with the exact same settings and prescription on the prior pair. It’s meant to be a seamless process of going from one set to the next.”


Learn more about Lyric hearing aids from Hearing Center BayCare Clinic.


Other questions about Lyric hearing aids, including insurance coverage, are addressed in the comments that accompany the Facebook Live broadcast.


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Fitting a Lyric hearing aid by BayCare Clinic audiologists

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