Watch: Dr. Ziad Darkhabani discuss stroke awareness

Monday, July 13, 2020

By: Alysha Schertz

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Someone in the United States has a stroke approximately every 40 seconds.


A stroke, according to Dr. Ziad Darkhabani interventional neurologist with Aurora BayCare Medical Center, is a brain attack – and time means everything.


“When there is a blockage that prevents blood from reaching the brain, unfortunately the tissue starts dying…” says Darkhabani. “In general, we say every minute approximately 2 million cells die. That’s how important time is. The faster we treat the stroke, the better the outcome for the patient.”


Dr. Darkhabani recently participated in a Facebook question and answer session on stroke and the proper response if you or someone you know is experiencing stroke symptoms.


Stroke usually presents itself as weakness on one side of the body, numbness, slurred speech, difficulty getting words out and visual difficulties, says Darkhabani.


In the video, Dr. Darkhabani talks about the warning signs of stroke, proper response times and possible treatment options.

He also sheds light on stroke treatment during the COVID-19 pandemic, and reiterates the importance of seeking treatment quickly, without delay, if there’s a sudden onset of stroke symptoms.


“With this COVID-19 pandemic, unfortunately there was significant decline in the number of patients coming and seeking care for their stroke,” he says. “If the number of strokes is declining, that’s a good sign, but unfortunately most likely that’s not the case.”


If you’re experiencing a sudden onset of stroke symptoms call 911 immediately.


Do not be afraid.  The hospital is a safe place, he says.  


Dr. Darkhabani sees patients in Green Bay, Oshkosh and Marinette. Request an appointment online.

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