Watch: Dr. Andrea Federman discusses hearing loss and treatment options

Thursday, December 10, 2020

By: Alysha Schertz

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While masking up can help stop the spread of COVID-19, it can also make hearing loss more apparent, says Dr. Andrea Federman, audiologist with the Hearing Center BayCare clinic.


“Lately we’ve been seeing a lot more (people concerned about their hearing) because of the masks,” Federman says. “We have people that are coming in and saying ‘I thought my hearing was fine, but now I’m in meetings or I’m going to things or I’m even talking to someone in the grocery store and I can’t seem to hear what they are saying to me.”


Federman recently participated in a Facebook Live question and answer discussion about hearing loss and treatment options available to patients.


When you start to notice gaps in conversation or your loved ones must repeat themselves it’s typically a good time to get your hearing checked, she says.


In the video, Federman reviews the different levels of hearing loss and discusses some of the advancements in hearing aid technology available to patients.


“We have levels of technology suitable for every kind of lifestyle,” Federman says. “You just have to ask or investigate a little bit and that’s where we come in. We love to help with that and enjoy finding solutions that we can offer to our patients.”  


Dr. Andrea Federman sees people of all ages at Hearing Center BayCare Clinic in Green Bay. To request an appointment, call 920-288-8230 or do so online.

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