Trevor’s story: ‘Proud’ of his dental implants

Monday, March 12, 2018

By: Femi Cole

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The most memorable thing about Trevor LaRene’s 2016 service learning trip to Jamaica wasn’t the tropical weather, gorgeous ocean views or even the excitement and eagerness of his nursing students.


What stands out the most is something that was completely unplanned.


“While I was there, I decided to fall down a mountain,” he says, matter-of-factly. “It wasn’t part of the plan, it wasn’t in the syllabus and instead of catching myself with my hands, I caught myself with my face and I broke a bone in my upper jaw here resulting in the loss of my four front teeth.”


The fall took place on a Thursday. Trevor was back home by Saturday and visited an emergency dentist on Sunday. He connected with Dr. Michael Schuh of Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons BayCare Clinic, about a week later.


Trevor needed dental implants.


A dental implant has the look and feel of a natural tooth. During the multi-step surgical procedure, an oral surgeon places a titanium post into a patient’s jaw bone. The implant functions as a natural tooth root. A general dentist or prosthodontist then places a crown onto the implant. The resulting structure looks and functions like a natural tooth.  


Dr. Schuh was the right oral surgeon for the job, Trevor says.


“Dr. Schuh is very personable. He explains everything in detail,” Trevor says. “He tells you what he’s going to do, how it’s going to happen, timelines … He did a great job of making me very comfortable emotionally and physically and keeping me comfortable.”


And the results?


“While I wasn’t worried about implants, I was worried about the end result,” Trevor says. “Working with Dr. Schuh, I had confidence that whatever he was going to do, it was going to work out just right, and it did.”


Trevor’s confident smile and ability to speak clearly after the dental implants were completed were a plus, but not what he relished the most.


“It was my ability to eat,” he says. “Do you like to eat pizza with a knife and fork? I don’t. I like to bite a piece of pizza. I like to bite into corn. I like to bite a sandwich. I couldn’t do that until we were done with all this, so that was the big thing. … That was a big deal.”


Trevor is a fervent supporter of dental implants.


“I talk to people all the time about my implants because I’m proud of them,” Trevor says. “I’m happy that’s done. It was a big deal, it really was. It went from having no teeth up front to being able to eat and smile and talk right.”



Dr. Michael J. Schuh sees patients by referral in Green Bay, Manitowoc and Sturgeon Bay. For information, call 920-347-0400.


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