Stroke Month: Let’s move FAST

Tuesday, May 1, 2018

By: Jeff Ash

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Stroke TeamIf you think someone is having a stroke, move FAST.


An ischemic stroke is the most common kind of stroke. It occurs when a blood clot blocks a blood vessel in the brain. Response time for any stroke matters most. It helps determine the type of treatment available, and thus the quality of the recovery from stroke.


That’s why it’s important to move FAST when recognizing stroke symptoms.


During May, which is American Stroke Month, learn to look for:


F – Face drooping

A – Arm weakness

S – Speech difficulty

T – Time to call 911


The last one, time, is crucial.


“It is very important to call 911 to activate the stroke team for care. When stroke happens, every second counts,” says Dr. Ziad Darkhabani, an Aurora BayCare interventional neurologist.


“Stroke is a treatable condition.”


If someone experiencing ischemic stroke is treated within three hours, a clot-busting drug called tPA is used to restore blood flow to the brain. That brings a much better chance of a full recovery.


If slow response time delays treatment, interventional procedures may be performed to extract blood clots. That, however, depends on how much time has elapsed since the onset of stroke symptoms.



In the photo: Our stroke team reminds you to move FAST when you see symptoms of stroke. Holding the FAST letters are, from left, Dr. Gerald W. Eckardt, a BayCare Clinic neurosurgeon; Dr. Ryan Murphy, a BayCare Clinic emergency physician, Dr. Ziad Darkhabani, an Aurora BayCare interventional neurologist; and Susan Zimmermann, director of nursing in Neuroscience at Aurora BayCare Medical Center.

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