Refresh and refuel with watermelon

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

By: Betsy Hansen

Refresh and refuel with watermelon


Crunchy, sweet, and hydrating… watermelon plays double duty as dessert and a healthy snack.


Not only is watermelon low on the calorie scale (just 86 calories per slice!) but it’s packed with vitamins A and C. A significant amount of cancer-fighting lycopene also shows up in this super-fruit. Wait until the watermelon ripens – the best time to reap the benefits is when the flesh turns from the white-pink stage to the fully red stage.


Surprising benefits


What comes to mind when you think of heart healthy foods? Oatmeal. Almonds. Salmon. What about watermelon? Studies have shown a watermelon supplement has improved ankle blood pressure in adults with hypertension.


An athlete’s go-to snack


Achy muscles be gone! A natural chemical found in watermelon speeds up lactic acid removal, the chemical that makes muscles ache after exercise. And in turn, athletes can quickly get back to their workouts without muscle pain. It can even boost performance. The amino acid L-citrulline widens the blood vessels and increases glucose transport throughout muscles. This will keep athletes’ endurance consistent throughout their workout.


Watermelon season


Now is the ideal time to incorporate more watermelon into your daily diet. Pair it with fish, create a unique salad, and of course, watermelon is a perfect ingredient in a refreshing summer drink! Here are a few ideas:


Grilled grouper with watermelon salsa


Watermelon-lime cooler


Arugula salad with watermelon and feta

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