Protective eyewear for an active lifestyle

Monday, October 27, 2014

By: Jim Wiegand

If you are looking to get an edge over the competition in your sport, it might be as easy as going to your local eye clinic. Athletic eyewear has many benefits to the wearer, here are a few:


  • Enhanced vision for better performance – Lens technology has come a long way in recent years. Lenses now come in a wide variety of lens tints and are made to filter glare and colors so objects of a specific color appear with a greater clarity and contrast – for instance a baseball against the blue sky or a fish in the water.
  • Polycarbonate lenses are impact resistant – Developed in the 1970s for the aerospace industry for use in astronaut helmet visors polycarbonate has become the standard for safety and sports goggles. Due to their low likelihood to shatter when compared to other materials lenses, they are the choice for most recreational and safety eyewear.
  • Ultraviolet protection for outdoor sports – Ultraviolet (UV) protection is not only needed during sunny, bright days, but also when it’s overcast. UV radiation can damage the skin on your eyelid and cornea, and other parts of the eye leading to cataracts and ocular tumors. Lenses that block 99-100 % of both UVA and UVB rays are the safest and offer maximum protection from the sun. As a side note, the darkness of the sunglass tint has nothing to do with the degree of protection against UV rays.


Protective eyewear for an active lifestyle


  • Minimizes debris in the eyes – As a runner or cyclist, bugs and dust are unavoidable and proper athletic protective eyewear prevents undesirable objects to come into contact with your eyes. Briefly losing your eyesight, whether due to a bug or debris, can be dangerous to anyone moving at speed. Protective eyewear can also prevent your eyes from drying out during activities.
  • Personalize your athletic eyewear with a prescription – If you normally wear prescription glasses for your sport, or take them off to play, consider upgrading to a prescription pair of athletic eyewear or goggles. Many popular brands can be fitted with prescription lenses or be worn with contact lenses with an increasing amount of sport-specific tints and features.


Great eyesight is a major factor in optimal athletic performance and you should consider putting your vision at the top of your list when shopping for gear and accessories. Be sure to stop by BayCare’s Green Bay Eye Clinic to see the latest custom athletic eyewear from Nike®, Maui Jim®, Oakley® and more.

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