How do doctors prevent the flu?

Monday, October 27, 2014

By: Betsy Hansen

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How do doctors prevent the flu?


Each of us could have over 10,000 germs inside of our bodies right now. Don’t panic, it’s normal and actually necessary to have a significant amount of these microorganisms inside of us. However, the key is keeping the bad germs – like the virus that causes the flu (influenza) – out of our bodies. The Center for Disease Control reports that flu activity begins a steep incline in December and peaks in February.


To stay healthy this flu season, we’re calling in the experts – our doctors. We asked BayCare Clinic emergency physician Ryan Murphy, MD, to provide us some tips to follow about the flu.

  • Get your flu shot. “I encourage everyone to have flu shots. It’s the most important thing to prevent the illness,” Dr. Murphy said.
  • How does Dr. Murphy stay healthy himself? His advice: “Hand washing and use of hand sanitizers! Do not share utensils or cups with children. The virus is spread through respiratory droplets, so prudent cleaning is important.”
  • Your child just sneezed all over you. Now what? If you have come in contact with someone with the flu, Dr. Murphy says, “Monitor for symptoms of sudden onset chills, body aches, cough, sore throat and fever. And if you do have symptoms of the flu, stay home from school or work.”

Remember, it’s not always human-to-human touch that spreads the flu. Keyboards and cell phones are among the most germ-infested items. Follow Dr. Murphy’s advice and make sure to routinely clean commonly used areas!

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