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Helen’s story: Anterior hip replacement

Tuesday, November 3, 2015

By: Quincy Kissack

Helen Nasap is an active individual, walking her dog daily and regularly going to the gym. When she began to have pain during these activities - even when walking less than a block - she knew something had to be done.


After pinpointing her hip as the source of pain, Helen chose to visit Dr. Craig L. Olson. They tried conservative treatments but nothing seemed to help. After weighing the options, the two decided that anterior hip replacement was her best choice.



Why anterior hip replacement?

Helen elected to do the anterior hip replacement surgery. This surgery is different from the traditional hip replacement in that the joint is replaced from the front of the body instead of the back, allowing the surgeon to bypass tendons and muscle tissues rather than cutting into them. This approach has faster recovery times and less risk of complications due to its relative simplicity – perfect for Helen, who wanted to get back into the garden!


“I was the first one in Manitowoc to have the anterior surgery,” Helen proudly states. Although she jokes that recovery wasn’t fun, she worked hard at it. In fact, she traveled on a train to California by herself only two months after the surgery without an issue.


Helen’s advice to others

Today Helen is back in the garden, planting flowers and weeding her vegetables, and she has some words of wisdom for others: "I would tell a friend, or a neighbor, or a family member to just go in there and do it because it’ll change your life. I went two years with a lot of pain, and I wish I had done it way longer before. It’s changed me; I’m able to walk and do gardening, and anything I want to do. Don’t stay in that pain – get it done!”


Thinking about anterior hip replacement?

Find out if anterior hip replacement is right for you by setting up an appointment with one of the surgeons at Orthopedics & Sports Medicine BayCare Clinic. Call (877) 229-2273 or request an appointment online.

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