Evelyn’s story: ‘Amazing’ anterior hip replacement

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

By: Jeff Ash



Someone has to be first.


For every medical procedure, someone must agree to take a step into uncharted territory.


As Dr. Robert Limoni prepared to begin performing a new, less-invasive kind of hip replacement surgery for Orthopedics & Sports Medicine BayCare Clinic, he needed someone who would benefit from it.


Evelyn Knopp-Hilton needed a new left hip. She was comfortable with Limoni, the orthopedic surgeon who had treated her husband. She was comfortable with being first because she was at ease in hospitals, having worked in one.


She perfectly fit the bill.


Limoni did his first anterior hip replacement procedure with Knopp-Hilton as his patient.


“We were thrilled to have Evelyn as our first patient in 2009,” Limoni says. “We’ve since done more anterior hip procedures than any orthopedic group in northeastern Wisconsin.”


“I’ve never had a problem since I had it done,” says Knopp-Hilton, who lives in Marinette.


X-rays showed that her hip had deteriorated to bone on bone. She had an anterior hip replacement procedure, which allows surgeons to reach the hip joint from the front. Gluteal muscles aren’t affected, resulting in faster healing and less pain.


“I didn’t think it was my hip at first. I thought it was my lower back,” Knopp-Hilton says. “Then it started getting worse. Went and had X-rays and then found out it was my hip, not my lower back.”


Knopp-Hilton’s daughter tipped her to the anterior approach.


“I like it. It’s less invasive. I had no problem going back to exercising or walking. Everything went well,” Knopp-Hilton says.


“There was no pain. It was amazing.”


After having surgery, Knopp-Hilton was back home the same day. A home health care nurse checked in on her for the next two weeks. Rehabilitation followed.


“I would recommend that to anybody,” she says. “You don’t have to go to a nursing home. You’re home.”


All these years on, her faith and trust in Limoni remain strong.


“He’s calming. He knows how to talk to you,” she says. “He doesn’t push the surgery unless you absolutely need it, and that’s what I liked about him.”


Dr. Robert Limoni sees patients in Green Bay and Sturgeon Bay. For information, call 920-288-5555 in Green Bay or 920-743-4844 in Sturgeon Bay, or request an appointment online.

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