Christine’s story: Dental surgeries were ‘easy’

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

By: Femi Cole

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Christine Parise is delighted to say her life is “a lot better” after the expert care she received from Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons BayCare Clinic.


Christine noticed a crown was loose on one of her teeth. She’d hoped her dentist could fix the crown, but he decided a different course of action was needed.


“When he saw it, he said it wasn’t worth saving the tooth for long term,” Christine says. “So, he referred me to Dr. Seubert.”


Dr. Chad Seubert is an oral surgeon with BayCare Clinic.


“When Christine came in and met with me, she was in need of a dental implant to help replace a tooth she had to have extracted,” Seubert says. “With the placement of the implant, Christine needed some extra bone to help facilitate the implant healing and the stability of the implant.”


Seubert did two surgeries for Christine.


First, he extracted her tooth and did an indirect sinus lift. That bumps up the sinus floor to allow for better placement of the implant. It also holds the implant in place longer.


About four months later, Seubert placed the dental implant.


Christine had been nervous about her surgeries, but she knew she was in good hands with Seubert.


“Dr. Seubert had met with me ahead of time and explained exactly how everything was going to go. He really gave me peace of mind about it,” she says.


Today, Christine says her life is back to normal.


“Before the procedure, just the irritation of knowing that something wasn’t right with that tooth. Then when the crown came loose, it was just frustrating,” she says. “Now that it’s all taken care of, I don’t have any issues with the tooth. I’m able to not feel self-conscious about what it looks like and being able to use it to chew and eat. Long-term, it made things a lot better.”


Christine described the whole process, which took about a year, as “easy.”


“Everybody was just really relaxed and helpful and helped keep me calm when I was a little bit nervous. Dr. Seubert really was available to answer any questions and to put my mind at ease,” Christine says.


“I would definitely recommend Dr. Seubert.”


Dr. Chad Seubert sees patients at Oral & Maxillofacial Surgeons BayCare Clinic in Green Bay, Manitowoc and Sturgeon Bay.


Christine being interviewed about her dental surgeries

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