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Monday, February 23, 2015

By: Dr. Ramon Ray G. Rayel

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February is American Heart Month and during its 28 days we take time to learn more about the importance of living a heart-healthy lifestyle. Living healthy needs to be our focus for more than one month out of the year though. While it is great to bring awareness to this endeavor during the month, our actions need to be realized year-round.


I keep my heart fit by staying active. I play tennis often with my wife, whether it is outside during the warmer months or indoors during the cold seasons. We prefer to play outside, but we don’t let cold weather stop us from playing our games. We also enjoy bike riding and taking long hikes around the arboretum trail near UWGB. While getting our hearts moving, it is also a relaxing experience being outside in nature with my wife; it’s something we enjoy all year. Activity is a great way to keep your heart in shape. No matter what you do, doing something to exercise your heart will ensure lasting benefits for your cardiovascular system for years to come.


As important as exercise is to your heart, there are other means of staying, or getting, healthy. Diet is crucial to maintaining heart function. Eating the right foods can work wonders in reducing body fat –  allowing your heart to strain less while maximizing the function and efficiency of your body. And it can be simple things too. For me, I really enjoy apples. I eat them often as a snack or an alternative to dessert after a meal. I am a supporter of drinking lots of water too. I used to drink several diet sodas a day. It’s a habit I had that wasn’t good for me and one day I decided to make an effort to drink more water. I completely cut soda out of my diet and, maintaining my regular exercise schedule, I lost eight pounds in a year simply by drinking more water.


Before you begin to exert yourself more than usual I recommend visiting a cardiologist to see your current heart condition. Your doctor can help direct you to a regimen of diet and exercise best suited to maximize the benefits of each. Easing into any exercise is highly recommended. Thank you for reading and I wish you the best of luck in your heart health journey.


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