5 ways a cardiologist stays fit

Friday, February 20, 2015

By: Dr. Scott T. Weslow

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As a native of Northeast Wisconsin, I am no stranger to the cold winters… so I’ve learned to adjust my lifestyle to maintain a fit and healthy heart. Many of my favorite things to do can be done inside or – like hunting – incorporate the chilly weather.


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  1. P90X – I am a big believer in P90X. It’s not easy to fit the workouts into my hectic schedule of being on-call, treating patients and spending time with my wife and children, but well worth it.

  2. Running on the treadmill – Another workout I enjoy – and which is done inside – is treadmill running. The benefits of running are never-ending: strengthens and tones muscles, improves cardiovascular health, reduces the chance of heart disease, and even improves circulation, among many others. If you want to start a cardiovascular exercise plan, check with your doctor or cardiologist first. You may want to start walking first.

  3. Deer hunting – Some may not view hunting as a heart-healthy activity, but I disagree. While I am busy scouting the woods, setting up my stand and filling food plots I am at the same time exercising. Hunting is a long-established tradition in my family. Lots of jokes are shared during our time in the woods… and did you know that laughing is good for your heart? It allows blood to flow more freely, lessening strain on the heart.

  4. No dessert with meals – Have you been to the cafeteria at Aurora BayCare Medical Center? If so, you know the depths of their dessert selection. Even though they’re delicious and tempt me each time I buy lunch, I have chosen to forgo desserts with meals.

  5. Takes stairs instead of elevator – As a busy father, husband and physician, I am always looking for small activities I can do to benefit me. Climbing flights of stairs instead of taking the elevator takes only a few more moments but burns calories three times faster. It makes me feel efficient that I’m logging a mini-workout each time I take the stairs.

    These are five ways that I enjoy staying heart healthy.


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