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Course details

The BayCare Clinic Century Bayshore to Lakeshore offers 100-, 60-, 30- and 15-mile courses so that cyclists of all ages and abilities can experience an adventure tailored for them.


The ride starts and finishes at BayCare Clinic corporate headquarters, 1035 Kepler Drive, which is convenient to Interstate 43 on Green Bay’s far east side.


The 2018 courses and rest stop locations are still being finalized. Route changes for 2018 are based on feedback from 2017 riders and road construction planned for 2018. Please check back for updates. For new riders seeking a sense of our event, please review the 2017 courses and rest stops.


The 2017 courses

The 100-mile course begins with a long stretch northeast along the waters of Green Bay, then east across the scenic terrain of Door and Kewaunee counties on the way to Algoma. From there, Lake Michigan will be on the riders’ left as they head south to Kewaunee. Then it’s west across the scenic terrain of Kewaunee and Brown counties before returning to Green Bay.

The 60-mile course also begins with a long stretch northeast along the waters of Green Bay, then turns south through the scenic terrain of western Kewaunee County before returning to Green Bay.

The 20-mile course takes riders through a scenic parkway, then heads northeast along the waters of Green Bay before turning to the southwest at a beloved county park and returning to Green Bay.


Riders will receive maps in their packets on the day of the ride.


Click below for interactive maps of each ride.


BayCare Clinic 20 Mile Ride


BayCare Clinic 60 Mile Ride


BayCare Clinic Century Ride


The 2017 rest stops


Communiversity Park, Green Bay

Known for its scenic views of the waters of Green Bay, this park across Nicolet Drive from the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay campus is the first rest stop for all riders and the only stop on the 20-mile course. It offers the first of several views of the bay.


Red River Town Hall, western Kewaunee County

As riders pause just east of Dyckesville, they can take one last look back of the waters of Green Bay. This rural crossroads has long been known as Bay View. This is the second stop for riders on the two longer courses. From here, 100-mile riders head east toward Lake Michigan and 60-mile riders head south across scenic Kewaunee County.


Country Ovens, Forestville

Once 100-mile riders cross the Ahnapee River and the Ahnapee State Trail and arrive in this Door County community, the third rest stop is just ahead. Country Ovens, whose products go beyond dried cherries to a line of all-natural sports performance products, welcomes our riders.


Heritage Park, Algoma

Having gotten glimpses of Lake Michigan on their way to Algoma, 100-mile riders can take their fourth rest stop at the water’s edge. This park along Lake Street overlooks the Algoma marina and the historic red lighthouse on the Algoma harbor’s north pier.


Father Marquette Memorial Park, Kewaunee

This park in Kewaunee’s outer harbor area offers one last look at Lake Michigan for the 100-mile riders. Riders can watch waves crash over the north breakwall as they take their fifth stop. The park commemorates Father Jacques Marquette, a French explorer who visited the area in 1674. From here, riders will head west on the return trip to Green Bay.


Parallel 44 Vineyard & Winery, Stangelville

Tucked among the gently rolling hills of western Kewaunee County, this vineyard and winery greets riders on the 60- and 100-mile courses after they come together on Church Road. From here, riders continue west to Stangelville and beyond on the final leg of their adventure.


Good Shepherd Farm, town of Eaton

Last call! This picturesque farm roughly 10 miles from the finish offers 60- and 100-mile riders one last opportunity to take a break for water. From here, it’s west and north back into Green Bay.

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