BayCare Clinic values the independent practice of medicine, and believes that independent practice is the physician model which provides the patient with the highest quality of care. We believe it is the best model because independent practitioners have fewer limitations on what therapies they can offer to their patients. This allows patients to have the widest range of options.


The BayCare Clinic Philosophy is to provide an environment for specialty physicians to provide excellence in patient care, while promoting a rewarding practice. This can be accomplished by designing policies to support the following philosophies:


  • BayCare Clinic believes in striving to offer only high-quality providers.
  • Our strength as a clinic is in our unity, using our collective efforts to improve patient outcomes.
  • BayCare Clinic is a representative democratic structure with a governing board.
  • BayCare Clinic promotes a variety of criteria for partnership. Two criteria for screening physicians for partnership are:
    • High-quality provider, both technical and medical skills.
    • Appropriate customer service skills, communication style, and collegiality.
  • BayCare Clinic believes in treating physicians fairly and maximizing their opportunities for success.

Every physician is an equally valued professional, and each bears responsibility toward the achievement of optimal outcomes for our patients. Our model attracts and retains the best-trained physicians by rewarding quality, dedication and initiative.