Revitalize AntiAging Medicine

Revitalize AntiAging Medicine offers programs to assist in your goal of achieving the best health and wellness for your lifestyle.  We can design a program specific to your needs, incorporating Testosterone Replacement Therapy for men or Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT) for women.  Medical counseling, medication administration instruction, patient education, and collaboration with your fitness and primary care providers are all integral services at Revitalize. 

Men's TRT

One of the most effective ways to combat the effects of Andropause and Testosterone Deficiency Syndrome is through the use of natural hormone replacement therapy. After evaluation of your health status, and obtaining base hormone levels in the body, an assessment can be made of the appropriateness of hormone replacement therapy. 

TRT can be beneficial in relieving the symptoms of fatigue, loss of strength, poor sleep, decreased sex drive, weight gain, joint and muscular discomfort, erectile dysfunction, irritability, and cloudy cognition, just to name a few. TRT may also help control high blood pressure, blood sugar levels, and weight.

A consultation with Dr. Wilkins can help determine if you are a candidate for therapy. Dr. Wilkins' philosophy is that we are partners in collaboration with your primary care provider to create a plan that helps restore your health and maintain your wellness.

Women's BHRT

At age 30, the ovaries of a woman begin producing less estrogen and progesterone gradually.  By age 40, a sharp decline in hormonal production occurs, with menopause causing a stoppage in the production of these hormones.  Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy is an option to relieve the symptoms of hormone imbalance and deficiency.

Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy can be beneficial in relieving the symptoms of fatigue, mood fluctuation, depression, chronic pain, headaches, weight gain, PMS symptoms, hot or cold intolerance, sleep disturbance and cloudy cognition.  A personalized plan of care will be made for you by one of our expert practitioners after obtaining baseline hormone levels in your body.

Functional Restoration

For the patient who wishes to have additional assistance in their health recovery, Revitalize AntiAging Medicine will work closely with your personal trainer, or health coach, and can help create a program tailored specifically to your individual needs regarding weight loss, sleep improvement, cardiovascular wellness, functional strength restoration, and flexibility improvement.


Thomas Wilkins, MD
Nathan Wallenfang, RN
Malina Herber, APNP
Bobbie Jo Finger, RN