Staff Opportunities

Staff Opportunities

Administrators and support team members provide the critical infrastructure for patient care.  We employ nurses and health care technicians as well as business and service personnel.

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Ranked among the Best Places to Work in Healthcare

BayCare Clinic is one of the best places to work in healthcare according to Becker's ASC Review/Becker's Hospital Review which announced its 2010 list of the "100 Best Places to Work in Healthcare."  In Becker's announcement, it states that when faced with rising costs for providing healthcare benefits, BayCare Clinic developed a plan to keep benefits while creating a healthier staff and reducing costs for healthcare coverage.  The wellness initiative, the Healthy Lifestyles Premium Discount Program, provides monetary rewards for employees in areas that are sources of controllable healthcare costs, such as tobacco use, obesity and fitness.  Employees are rewarded as they work toward improving or maintaining body composition, fitness and lifestyle parameters that also lead to lower healthcare costs.  Employees enjoy a healthier work place and lower costs, and BayCare Clinic has seen results in reduced absenteeism, higher productivity and overall improvement in well-being, which has helped put it on the path to achieving the goal of "most fit company in Brown County."


The Healthy Lifestyles Premium Discount Program is just one way leaders at BayCare Clinic have shown their creativity and innovation.  The clinic's physician-owners are committed not only to superior patient care, but also to fostering a positive work environment for its 488 staff members.


Equal Opportunity Employer

We are an equal opportunity employer, and are committed to ensure that our company recruits, hires, trains and promotes into all levels, the most qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, disability, sexual orientation or veteran's status.